EP 489 – Story #3 – You are Dr Reindrob, you have been hiding away in your Secret Underground HQ planning your revenge on the AIPD for the last couple of Months.

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You are Dr Reindrob, you have been hiding away in your Secret Underground HQ planning your revenge on the AIPD for the last couple of Months.
 What do you want from us?
"I'm afraid I am going to have to ask you to come with me."
The two men looked at each other but neither said anything.
"If you don't come willingly, we will use force, and I promise you that it won't be pleasant," said the man who had spoken first.
 You laugh and unveil your newest invention:
 a large robot with a metal face and arms and legs like a spider. It has a long thin tail and is covered in sensors. It looks like an insect. You point this out to them.
"This is my latest creation. He is called Ollie. He can fly and is armed with a Gatling gun. You will see him in action soon enough.
 You watch as the man who was so threatening before wets himself. The man'
 s partner takes his handkerchief and wipes his arse.
"Very well then. Come along, Doctor."
Ollie follows the two men into the lift.
"What are you doing?" asks the woman, her voice quivering. "Are you crazy?"
"We are not being followed. We can trust these people," says the man.
 You reveal to the men that you have stolen Jason from AIPD's credit cards.
 They look surprised.
"How did you get hold of those?" they ask.
"I have my ways," you say smugly.
"And what about the others? What are you going to do with them?"
"They are expendable," you answer.
Jason and the two men emerge from the lift and leave the building.
 You watch as Jason saves the two men in the AIPD Chopper Van. It was a setup! You WERE followed! You hop on Ollie's back and fly after to the Chopper Van to see where they are flying to.

You arrive at the airport just as the plane pulls up to the gate. The two AIPD agents jump off the plane and run towards their chopper van. As they reach the vehicle, you catch sight of them through the window. One of them turns around and sees you. You fire a single shot and hit him in the shoulder. He falls down screaming.
 Jason summons the racoon warrior Goldentusk, officially done playing around, to attack you!

He comes at you, his sword flashing in the sunlight. You dodge the blow and side-step the swing. You turn on Ollie and unleash an electric blast at the creature, but he keeps coming at you. You try again and again but each time the creature dodges your attack. Finally you send Ollie in to attack.
 While Goldentusk is distracted fighting off Ollie and dodging his gatling gun, you use the almighty wand of laser piss.
 The creature screams and drops dead.
You hop on Ollie and fly after the helicopter. You follow it all the way to the top of the mountain. The two men climb aboard the chopper and take off. Ollie lands nearby and the two men climb aboard. They head over to the control panel and start fiddling with the controls.
"It's working!"
Ollie self destructs killing the two AIPD agents. Now it is just you and Jason standing at the top of the mountain. It is eerily silent. You reveal your troubled past to Jason.
 You tell him how you were once a scientist who created a machine which could go back in time. You went back to when you were a child and met your father. You told him about your machine and showed him how you could alter events by using it.
Your father agreed to help you and together you built a device which allowed you to travel back in time.
 You tell Jason the machine was called The Henkinator, a random story generating robot.
 You explain that you used it to change the future and thus prevent the death of your father.
"But I didn't know that the machines would collapse. I thought they would work forever."
"So why didn't you stop them collapsing?" asks Jason angrily.
"Because I couldn't. I couldn't destroy the machines or else I would have destroyed the future as well.
 Jason tells you, "Enough talk! It is time we fight!" Jason takes off his robe and reveals that he is wielding a 
Mjolnir Hammer. You pull out your wand and unleash a huge laser beam. Jason blocks it with his hammer and swings it at you. But you are too quick for him. You dodge the blow and kick him in the groin. You send another beam of energy at him but it misses and hits the ground.
 You scream in his face, "This is it. The final step of The Plan!"

As you begin to unleash another powerful blast of magic, you feel something grab onto your leg. It is a small black cat. You look down and see it has latched itself on to your ankle.
"No!" you cry.
The cat starts to claw at your leg. You try to shake it off but it won't let go.
 You continue to channel your laser beam, but the cat goes right for your weak point: 
your foot. You fall to the ground screaming. Jason grabs the cat and throws it into the air. Then he swings his hammer at you. You roll away from the blow but it still knocks you unconscious.
Jason drags you to a cave in the side of the mountain.
"Okay, now we wait."
You are weak, barely able to move, but you are still alive. You level up and gain the following last resort powers: 
Telekinesis: You can levitate objects and shoot them from your hands. Air Control: You can control the weather. Mass Manipulation: You can manipulate matter on a molecular level.
You spend the next few days in the cave recovering. Your body heals quickly. You learn how to use your new powers and become stronger than ever before.
 Jason returns with Cory and Tony: it is all the of the AIPD top brass all here in one place! This is your chance to defeat AIPD once and for all!

You use your telekinesis to lift the three men off the ground and slam them against the walls of the cave. You hear a loud thud. You quickly put them down.
"All right, asshole," says Cory. "Let's get this over with."
You summon your mass manipulation powers and turn Cory into a pile of dirt.