EP 489 – Story #1 – You are Sandra, you walk into your kitchen to grab an ice cream sandwich when you notice that there are flies everywhere.

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You are Sandra, you walk into your kitchen to grab an ice cream sandwich when you notice that there are flies everywhere. You swing at them with your fly swatter, but then realize that they are actually little green witches. The witches are mad at you, because you tried to attack them and they put an evil curse on you
. Now you have to go through the rest of your day feeling like a witch."
"That's stupid," said Emily. "I don't believe in witches."
"Of course you do," said Nicole. "Everyone does."
Emily looked around the room. She was surrounded by her friends who were all smiling back at her. Everyone knew she believed in witches.
 You blame Emily for the Witch's curse that has been placed upon you. You tell her that if she knew about the Tiny Witches, she should have warned you.
 Emily looks down at her hands. They are now covered in green slime.
"What is this?" she says.
The witches laugh.
"We told you we wouldn't leave you alone until you agreed to be our friend," they say.
 You invite Tony, a guy who wants to date you or Emily, over to your house to help with the witch situation.
 He arrives, and you ask him what he thinks about the whole situation. "Well, I'm not sure what to think," he says. "This sounds pretty crazy to me."
"Yeah, well it's not my fault," you say. "It's those damn witches."
Tony looks confused.
"Why would witches want to hurt you?" he asks.
 Tony installs a witch switch in the kitchen and you turn it on to see 
that there are no witches anywhere. You try another one and there are still no witches in sight. You try the third and fourth switches and nothing happens. You're starting to get frustrated.
"Maybe I need to find out how to turn off these switches," you say. "I'll call my dad to come over."
Your dad is a scientist.
 You look around your house and find switches everywhere! They don't appear to do anything. Then you find a big red button in the basement and when you push it, 
a giant explosion occurs. You run upstairs and find that the witches are gone. Your dad is standing next to you.
"Dad!" you say. "Thank God!"
"Oh, it's okay," he says. "They haven't left the house yet. We just had to blow up their car."
"Where did they go?" you ask.
 You dad tells you a family secret about the origin of the tiny witches 
and how he will explain everything soon. You decide to wait outside while he talks to his wife.
"So where did they go?" you ask again.
"Why don't you go check it out?" he suggests.
You head downstairs to see if the witches have left the house. There are no witches here either.
"How did you know that the witches had left?"
You tell your dad that you have not seen any witches since you flicked the witch switch that Tony installed. Your Dad sees the switch and turns it on. Your dad is immediately swarmed by tiny witches.

"Dad!" you scream. "Stop them!"
He tries to fight them off, but he can't hold them off.
"Help me!" he yells.
You rush to his side and pull out your flyswatter. You swing at the flying witches, but they escape.
"Where are they going?" you yell.
 You watch in horror as you see your father carried off by tiny witches into the Tiny Witch Mountain on the outskirts of town.

"No!" you cry.
You run to the Tiny Witch Mountain and climb the mountain. You hear your dad screaming.
"Daddy!" you shout. "Don't leave me!"
You reach the top of the mountain and find your dad tied to a tree.
"Please untie me," he begs. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do it."
You get an idea and call Emily to flick the witch switch at your house. When Emily hits the switch, all the tiny witches 
swarm to the mountain. In seconds, the Tiny Witches have turned into huge dragons.
"Okay, let's go save Daddy!" you say. You and Emily ride the dragon and take off towards the Tiny Witch Mountain. You land near the Tiny Witch Mountain and see that it is surrounded by a giant wall.
"How are we supposed to get in?" you ask.
 You grin and pull the reins on your dragon. The dragon tail swipes and smashes the wall to bits.
You and Emily hop off the dragon and enter the mountain.
You and Emily find your dad tied to a tree.
"This isn't good," says Emily. "Let's get my dad out of here before the dragons eat him."
You untie your dad and carry him away from the Tiny Witches. The dragons begin to chase after you.
"Run!" you yell.
 You get an idea as you run for your life to call Tony and have him install a dragon switch in your house.
 You hit the switch and the dragon disappears. The dragons give chase once more.
"Come on, Tony!" you yell. "Get your butt over here!"
"I'm coming!" he replies. You watch as Tony drives his truck to your house. You hit the switch and the dragon reappears. The dragon chases the Tiny Witches into the air.
 You watch as the dragons and tiny witches fight until they are both defeated by each other.

"That was easy," you say.
"What now?" asks Tony.
"Now we get rid of the rest of the witches," you say. You grab the phone and call someone to remove the last few witches from your neighborhood.
"Who should I call?" you ask.
"Let's see... who has the best magical powers?" you wonder.