EP 488 – Story #3 – “Ladies and gamer’s, we’re live!” You see the chat explode with emojis.

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"Ladies and gamer's, we're live!" You see the chat explode with emojis. You smile in the camera, and look back at the screen. "Welcome back, James Hendrickson." You are James, the famous Twitch streamer and avid VirtuaCop player, and you are just about to announce your 10 millionth follower when a disturbing message from your biggest sponsor pops up in your screen.

"James," it says, "I'm afraid I have some bad news for you. The police are here to arrest you." Well, that was easy. But wait! If the police are here, then they must be arresting you in real life, right? It would be impossible for them to track you through video games.
 You fall back to your Virtuacop skills, and begin negotiating with the police.
 They answer your questions one by one, but you know what their goal is. They want you to confess on camera so they can make a show out of it. What do you do?

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A: You tell them that you don't want to talk to them right now.
 You take a bribe from Jason to promote AIPD. During your advertise you take the cameraman hostage and hop aboard the AIPD Choppervan piloted by Choppervan Mitch.

B: You say "Alright, alright! Alright! I'll talk to you! Just let me go!" You run into the street, and jump onto the chopper. The pilot is shocked, but you demand he takes you to the police station. As soon as you arrive, you turn around and yell "Shoot him!".
 You level up and gain Shootacusatory powers:

Shootacusatory 1: You can shoot anyone you see in the eye.

Shootacusatory 2: You can shoot two people at once.

Shootacusatory 3: You can shoot three people at once.

Shootacusatory 4: You can shoot four people at once.
 You choose to try and resolve things peacefully, but you will use your shootcusatory powers if absolutely necessary.

C: You tell the police that they can't take you, and that you are going to leave. The police chase after you, shooting you in the back. You fall off a cliff, and die. Your viewers are sad.

D: You grab a gun from the dead body of one of the police officers and start firing at them.
 You use Shootacusatorys one through four, using the kickback to slow your fall and you land with a heavy thud, but otherwise unscathed.
 You are taken into custody, and are put on trial for murder. The jury is made up of people who have never played VirtuaCop before, and they find you guilty. They sentence you to death by hanging.

E: You use your enormous fame to influence politicians, and get them to change the laws so that you can be executed by lethal injection instead of hanging.
 while in prison you read through old state law and see that you can declare a trial of skill instead and choose Virtuacop!
 You use this ability to convince the judge that you are still innocent, and set yourself free. You continue to stream games online, and go on to win an award for best streamer of all time. You die of natural causes at the age of 120. Your viewers cry tears of joy.
 Your final words on stream before you pass away:

"I am James Hendrickson, and I don't want to die."

Well, there's only one choice left:

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A: You tell the police that you don't want to talk to them right now. You take a bribe from Jason to promote AIPD.