EP 488 – Story #2 – You are the composer of “It’s a small world after all”.

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You are the composer of "It's a small world after all". It's the year 2049 and Disney is going under. All you royalties will dry up unless you do something drastic.
 You're in your room when you hear a knock on the door.

"Who is it?" you ask.

"Me, Mr. Mouse." The voice says.

"Come in," you say.

The door opens and there stands none other than Mickey Mouse himself.
Mickey thinks that threatening you is the perfect motivator to get you to create the "Its a Small World Cinematic Universe". Mickey holds a live grenade and says "ha ha, get to typin'"

What do you do?

1) Run away
2) Type fast enough to avoid the grenade
3) Try to reason with Mickey
4) Give up on being an animator
5) Punch Mickey in the face
6) Die

Was it worth it?

1) Yes! You just became the first human with a movie studio under his name.
You meet with Jason, a guy who wants to buy Disney and make Cory the CEO.

"I'll give you $10 million for Disney." He says.

"Hey, I'm not selling my company." Cory replies

Jason's eyes widen. "But...you have no money!"

"Oh yeah, that's right." Cory says. "I forgot about that."

He pulls out a gun and points it at Jason.
You attempt to break the tension in the room by telling Jason and Cory that you have a script for a "It's A Small World Afterall" feature length movie.
 You give them the details of what exactly happens in the movie, and they both agree that it sounds like a great idea for Disney.

Cory agrees to sell you Disney, but he asks you to sign a non-compete clause so that you can't go work for another animation studio.

"For how long?" You ask.

"For life," Cory says.
You hesitate for a moment, but agree and start production of the movie. It will star:

1) Donald Duck
2) Goofy
3) Daisy Duck
4) Chip n Dale
5) Pluto
6) Minnie Mouse
7) Mickey Mouse
8) Peter Pan
9) Jiminy Cricket
10) Tinker Bell
11) Captain Hook
12) Smee
13) Jiminy Cricket
14) Wendy
15) Captain Hook 
16) Rufio

17) Peter Pan 18) The Sea Witch 19) Ursula 20) Cruella. 
You hire the brain of Joss Whedon in a jar to trim this laundry list of characters. Joss trims it down to the following 5:

1) Donald Duck 2) Goofy 3) Daisy Duck 4) Peter Pan 5) Wendy 
You give your elevator for the "It's a Small World Afterall" movie: 
(a) To an American family, b) To a Chinese family, c) To a Russian family, d) To a Japanese family, e) To a childless couple, f) To a gay family, g) To a single woman, h) To a homeless man. What do you choose? 
You choose H.
Your elevator is stolen by a group of people who are going to the top floor to rob it. They take your money and leave. You try to stop them, but they shoot you dead.

The elevator falls to the bottom with your body inside. You die instantly from blood loss and head trauma.