EP 488 – Story #1 – You are Tekeshi Yukio, a man from Japan.

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You are Tekeshi Yukio, a man from Japan. While vacationing in America, you decide to try a seafood buffet. When you see the live lobster tank, you assume it is meant to be eaten raw. You fish out a lobster and place it on your tray, along with a few other adventurous choices.
 As you walk away, you hear a loud noise behind you. It sounds like something heavy falling down. You turn around just in time to see the entire lobster tank collapse onto you. The force of the drop was so great that you were crushed under the weight of all the lobsters.

You have died. This is your second life.
Your next life you go in prepared, you sit at the bar and order 1 bowl of 
iced-coffee. You then notice a man sitting next to you drinking his beer. He looks at you and asks "What kind of drink do you want?"

1) A glass of wine
2) A glass of scotch
3) A glass of beer
4) I don't know what to get!

You choose number 3.
You pour the beer in you bowl of iced coffee and slurp it while nodding "Yum!"
 The man next to you says "That's not how you drink beer." You quickly put the beer back into the bottle and take another sip. He continues: "I'm talking about pouring beer into a glass of wine or water, then mixing them together and enjoying the taste." You nod again.

"So," he goes on, "what kind of drink do you want?" 
You say "Chowder please." 
The man takes out some chowder and puts it in front of you. You start eating your meal.

After you finish, the man asks "Would you like anything else? I can give you dessert if you would like." You shake your head no and thank him for the food.

He replies "No problem! Have a nice day!"
The next day you come across Officer Cory's police uniform sitting on a park bench. You pick it up and put it on.

You're now ready to go to work as Cory. You walk into the police station and are greeted by Sergeant Frank.

"Hello officer," he says, "Welcome to the police station. What brings you here today?" 
You say, "Sergeant I want to be put on the most dangerous case you have!" Sergeant Frank looks impressed by your bravery and puts you on the case of t
he man who has been shooting people randomly just because they look at him funny.
You spend weeks tracking the man down, but you finally find him about to shoot someone at the local 

1) You arrest him immediately.
2) You follow him home and wait until he is alone before arresting him.
3) You try to convince him to stop killing people. He refuses and shoots you dead.

Choose wisely...

You choose number 2. You follow the man home and wait outside his house for when he leaves.
You follow him home and he catches you looking into his window from the bushes. You try your best not to look at him funny.

He goes inside his house and comes back out with a gun. He points it at you and pulls the trigger. You drop dead. He walks over to you and puts the gun in your hand. "Good job officer," he says, "now go catch that bad guy!"

You have died. This is your third life.
You awaken in your police car outside the killers house with a burning sensation on your forehead.
 You get out of the car and notice blood dripping down your face.

1) You call an ambulance and drive to the hospital.
2) You call your superior officer and tell him you are going to be late for work.
3) You continue driving to the hospital and make it there just in time to save your life.