EP 486 – Story #2 – Your name is Shart, a pharmacist working at Walmart

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Your name is Shart, a pharmacist working at Walmart. Your manager just told you that he fathered your children and shot you in the gut with a shotgun from the sports section. You quickly mix a medicine using your incredible Pharmacy skills and your body transforms.

 Your new form has a lot of health points, but you can't speak anymore...
You are now an undead minotaur! The transformation was amazing as well. You didn't know such things could even exist.

You rush to the meat department to increase your bulk with all manner of meat:

 beef, pork, chicken, venison, turkey, lamb, bison, duck, goose, quail, ostrich, boar, wild pig, elk, moose, buffalo, rattlesnake, snake, cobra, lizard, sea serpent, frog legs


You ask the butcher, "Kangaroo?"

 He looks confused. "No kangaroos." Then he laughs maniacally. You flee.
The last room is called Storage and it contains a locked chest that opens only for you (you unlocked it when you were human).

You look in the chest and see a book titled, "What to do if I become an Undead Minotaur?"

 It says nothing about how to get out of becoming one, though. You try eating more food, but no matter what you eat, the weight never changes. After searching every shelf twice over, you realize there's nothing else you can find.

As you search you are encountered by your father, he pleads with you "Come back to me Shart, you must still be in there!" Your Shart mind struggles against your undead body.

 But you are unable to return.
After much suffering, you finally succumb to your fate. Your dead eyes stare into those of your loved ones as you sink to the floor. Your heart beats its final beat before stopping forever.

But you continue to exist. The drug you created earlier appears to reanimate you indefinitely. You are immortal!

Shart is not here.
Where can she be?
She must have gone somewhere other than Walmart or the butcher shop. Perhaps you should start looking around the store again.
Your inventory is full, you cannot take anything else out of the storage closet.

Your manager organizes a hunting party to finally take you down.

 A group of four hunters surround you.
They point their crossbows at you and begin shooting arrows, hitting you multiple times. You fall on the ground.
"We'll make sure this monster is dead," they say.

But no matter how many crossbow bolts pierce your flesh, you continue to get up. This angers the hunters! You fight back by shoot the bolts out of yourself back at them.

 They panic. One tries to run away while another accidentally fires his gun instead of reloading it. He shoots himself in the leg. Two more chase him and shoot themselves in the heads.
You defeat all four of the hunters.

You absorb the hunters and become an eight-legged, eight-armed stocker. you request a extra extra extra extra large vest.

Now that you have turned into a monstrosity, you wonder where to go. Where could a zombie minotaur go? You don't think there's any way you're going to fit through the doors or windows.

Every time a truck makes a delivery, you get a glimpse of the outside world. A curious boy sneaks in after hours and notices you. You tell him to not be afraid and ask for his help to escape. The boy accepts and tells you his name is

 Fredrick. He brings you inside.
It seems like this kid wants to be a hero. His family is wealthy, so they let him do whatever he likes. He brought some tools with him because he wanted to build something special.

You watch in amazement as Fredick breaks your shackles and creates a disguise for you: a

 tuxedo and top hat.
He even gives you a cane. "I always dreamed of being a famous magician," he explains.
Fredrick thinks that you might need someone to walk you around.

Fredick helps you escape and gets you a gig working for the circus.

The show starts out fine, but then disaster strikes. The tent collapses under a gale-force wind. There goes your new career as a magician. You find yourself trapped inside the wreckage, surrounded by broken glass, twisted metal, and spilled drinks.

You use your giant form to help the spectators escape the wreckage.

 As a result, people are really impressed with you and offer to pay you ten gold coins each.
You decide to become a stage performer!
You receive a beautiful set of magical armor. It protects you from all kinds of damage.