EP 483 – Story #3 – Wake up!

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Wake up! You're late!
 You must have been sleeping...
The doors open, and you leave the classroom and into the hall.
You are now in the school corridor.
You can go east or west.
You are in the Hallway.

You go west, walking with purpose.

You are now in the Main Hall.
You are in a large and well-lit hall. The door on the east side leads to the auditorium. The door on the north side leads to the Principal's Office.

You go north to the Principal's Office walking with stride.

You are in the Principal's Office.
There's a mannequin that says "Principal" standing on a table with his hand on his head.
A door on the west side of the room leads out to the auditorium.

You notice the mannequin is holding a large red button. You press it and

 you hear the mannequin say "Security Breach - all security officers converge to this location!" and it seems like the alarm system has gone off. A number of guards run up to the front door.

You rush to the auditorium to hide from the guards.

 You open the door and slip inside.
You are in the Auditorium.
There's a set of double doors here.
You go south and open the door at the back.
You are in a classroom.

You look on the white board and notice a message:

"Today: The School Play."
The principal is there with the teachers and you don't know what to do.
You turn around, and notice that the door to the auditorium is ajar.

The principal walks up and introduces herself. "Hi, my name is Anna Quinn."

There's a big wooden stage in the middle of the room.
You walk to the stage and notice there is a big wooden block.
There's a blackboard on the wall behind the stage.

You know this play, it's your favorite! It's

You walk to the desk and sit down at a seat on the stage.
You sit down in the front row of seats.
You are now in your seat in the auditorium.

You watch Anna put on a 1 women version of Hamlet.

 You really love the play and are amazed by Anna's talent.
The play begins with a sword fight scene.
It seems the play is going to be awesome.
After the sword fight there is a funeral, and then the ghost scene.

You notice Anna has taken some "liberties" with her interpretation of Hamlet. Instead of people dying, they

 just run around and act strange.
You are confused by the way she's changing the plot of the play, but it looks pretty interesting.
After a while the play ends and it is time for the curtain call.

You notice you are surrounded by school security, but because you watched the whole play, Anna let's you go... if you write a positive review of the show in the school newspaper.

You walk out of the auditorium, past the principal and go to the newspaper room.
You are in the Newspaper Room.
There's an editor sitting in front of a computer and a pile of paper.

You cannot lie to the good students of the school and write your review: "The play was tasteless, poorly acted, mediocre trash. It's a contender for worst play of the year."

You must write a real review.
You read through your copy of the paper to see if there's anything interesting about the story.
You don't like the lead actress in the play.
"The principal's new friend has a lot of charisma and I'm sure the play will
 be better in a few years when she's figured out how to act without any flair," you write in the paper.
"I have never seen the play before, but the acting was terrible," the editor tells you.

You return home to find the actress' angry parents waiting for you,

 with a lawyer.
The lawyers tells you that you cannot write that review unless you reveal your identity.
You write a review that reads:
"This play was a boring and tasteless performance.


Anna's mom slaps you across the face and calls you a monster.

"Why would you do something like that?" Anna's dad asks you.
"I had to. This is the way I was raised and I cannot change how I was brought up. I have to protect myself."

You take this all the way to the Supreme Court.

You go to the Supreme Court building and tell the court about what happened.
You tell the court that your parents would have killed you if you told the truth.
The court decides to grant you a temporary guardianship, and that you may write whatever reviews you like without any repercussions
The play is terrible, but you're the only one that can write honest reviews.
You write your review of the play:
"This play is terrible, the lead actress is terrible.


Anna finally decides to meet with you to figure out where all this hate is coming from.

You meet up with Anna at an Italian restaurant in a nice part of town.
You meet the girl you hate, and it turns out she's the daughter of your old friend.
Her father owns an Italian restaurant in the best part of town, and she got to be the lead actress


Just as your spaghetti dinner arrived, two men with tommy guns appear from the kitchen and riddle you with bullets. Before you take your last breath, Anna says, "

Oh, and I got the lead role in my new play... a retelling of the death of Narcissus."
"Squeal," says a man to a woman. "I said 'squeal', didn't I?"