EP 483 – Story #2 – You are Hou Mingzhe, owner of a large Chinese mining company.

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You are Hou Mingzhe, owner of a large Chinese mining company. You are testing a new drill when it starts going haywire! The machine carries you deeper and deeper, until you finally emerge on the other side of the Earth! You look around to try to determine where you are.
 It looks like another planet... but is this really all there is? Your thoughts begin to wander as you become dizzy from spinning in zero gravity.
What do you want to know more about today?

Lo Wang, Professional ninja, tells you that you are

 now at your destination. He has found his way here after traveling through space for months; he was thrown off course by an anomaly while on a mission. As long as no one else finds the source of this anomaly, Lo Wang can use it to return home safely.

You look up and see the space anomaly light up the night sky. It looks like

 a glowing blue star! But how could such a thing exist outside our universe? You feel dizzy again with vertigo - did something hit you?! No, nothing touched you, you tell yourself. Just keep moving forward!

You are sucked up into the anomaly.

 You land on what appears to be the surface of a water-covered planet! As you take in your surroundings, you notice two beings emerging from behind some nearby rocks. One seems to be wearing human-like clothing;
 the other is covered in strange alien fur. They seem friendly enough. After making sure they aren't hostile, you introduce yourself as their fellow traveler, Li Tianyu. You explain that you're a scientist and a friend of Professor Huang Guofa, who sent you on your journey.

You notice a mountain sized pile of Cory from AIPD's ninja clothes has also traveled through the anomaly with you.

 His name is Lo Wang, and he'll make a great addition to your team! "Hey guys, we should probably split up," you say. "If you two will stay here, I'm gonna go check out these mountains."

You ask the aliens where they buy their clothes.

 They point back towards town, where the store is located. "There must be more people coming soon!" you exclaim.
"We'd better hurry!" says Mr. Tee. The three of you jump back into the anomaly and return to civilization.

You head to the clothing store

. As expected, there are lots of people buying things. You browse around the different articles of clothing to find something to fit your style.
AIPD's ninja outfit is still sitting on the counter, waiting for you.

You pick out your new outfit:

 a red jumpsuit made of flexible armor. Its cuffs and collar are decorated with golden dragon heads. It even has a hood to cover your face. You also get some cool boots with razor blades on the bottom and claws on the toes.

You meet a man named Hung Lo, rambling about his non-squeaky gate.

 He sells you some gear that is much lighter than your old stuff: gloves that have been hardened with nanites and allow you to deflect projectiles without worrying about tearing holes in your hands, and a mask that protects your mouth so you don't have to breathe through your nose.

Suddenly you are attacked by alien monsters emerging from the anomaly!

 You hear a gunshot! Another loud noise rings out as a massive explosion destroys everything nearby. You duck under the rubble and try to hide your presence. The dust clears to reveal the aftermath of an attack.

You see the monster standing in the middle of the rubble, it looks terrifying with

 its six tentacles reaching up to grab the crumbled building above. A single eye watches you menacingly. The rest of the creature remains hidden underground.
This must be a very strong monster!

You attack with your new alien gear and give a razor blade kick right to the monster's eye.

 It collapses, leaving a gaping hole where the eyeball used to be. The body slumps onto the ground and dissipates completely. You quickly search the creature's corpse and find a mysterious device


 a small orb containing a crystal.
You hand the item over to the shopkeeper. "You've saved us from the worst of the attack," she says. "Thank you!"
As you continue shopping, you wonder if there is anything else useful in the wreckage.

You ask the shopkeeper for a discount, because everything is ruined.

 She explains that since the damage is self inflicted, she can't reduce her prices. You look down at the debris. You could probably fix most of it, though...
You start collecting pieces of debris from the collapsed building and bring them back to your house.