EP 482 – Story #3 – You are the world’s oldest man.

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You are the world's oldest man. You've climbed mountains and fought in wars but there's one small thing that you've never got to do:
 see a proper magic show. Well, now you're going to get your chance! The magician is about to start his act and it's all up to you to make sure he doesn't pull any tricks on you.

The curtains and you are floored by the magician's first trick:

 he disappears into thin air. He reappears behind you with an egg-shaped object which he places in front of you. "What can you tell me about this?" he asks.
"It looks like a chicken," you reply.

You keep the pushing the magician's buttons and the magician says, "For my next trick, I will push this button!"

 He pushes the button and the egg explodes. "That was amazing! Can you tell me what happened?"
"I don't know," you say. "All I saw was an explosion."
"Well done, sir!"

As you wipe the yolk from your face, you look down at your table and see a pile of Jason's credit cards.

 They must have fallen out of his pocket when he vanished. You pick them up and put them back in his pocket.
You walk over to the stage and take a seat beside Jason. The magician starts his second trick


 he vanishes again and then reappears onstage holding a large egg. He places the egg in front of you. "What can you tell me about this?" he asks.
"It looks like a chicken," you reply.

You brace for the impact of exploding egg.

 But nothing happens. Instead, the magician pulls a lever on the side of the egg and the top pops off. Inside the egg is a tiny mouse. The magician picks it up and holds it aloft.

You level up and gain the following magic:

Magic: Magic Eye - You can see through objects.
You watch as the magician takes the little mouse and puts it inside another egg. Then he opens the other end of the egg and the mouse runs out.

You look around the stage and you notice that there are tons of hidden objects in the magician's props. You yell, "This isn't magic!" You decide to expose this fraud and reveal the rest of his act to the crowd.

 You grab the egg containing the mouse and smash it open against the stage. A puff of smoke rises from the broken shell and reveals a miniature version of the magician himself. He is standing in the egg and wearing a hat.

You cant believe the magician planned all of this ahead of time. You feel the walls closing in.

You throw yourself onto the floor and roll under the curtain. As you lie there, gasping for breath, you hear the audience cheering. You look up just in time to see the magician walking away with the real Jason.

You begin to seize from the reality shattering epiphany that magic is in fact real. The magician reaches for a gun case marked "magic"

 and begins to load it.
You quickly leap forward and tackle him to the ground. You wrestle the gun away from him and point it at him.
He pleads with you, saying, "Please, let me explain..."

You pull the trigger and instead of a bullet the gun shoots

 out a cloud of purple smoke. You cough and hack until you finally clear your lungs. You realize that you have been poisoned and pass out.
You wake up in a hospital bed. It seems that you were poisoned during the performance.

The doctor comes in with a CAT scan of your lungs, and you see small egg-shaped spots all over them. The doctor says "I've never seen this before, but I give you a month tops."

Jason walks in and sees the news.
"How could you do that?!" he shouts. "You ruined everything!"
"I didn't ruin anything," you say. "I exposed the truth.

> You shout "I'm gonna learn the Dark arts and get my revenge on that Magician I don't the name of!!!!"

You stand up and leave the room.
You find yourself in a dark alleyway. You hear footsteps approaching. You turn around and see the magician running towards you. He has a knife in his hand.

> You say "You feel something pierce your gut, you look down and see a bouquet of flowers."

You look down and see a bouquet of flowers.
"Oh no," you say. "Not again."
The magician grabs your throat and lifts you off the ground. He slams you into the wall.

hear, "You're finally awake..." and open your eyes to see

The magician stands above you, holding a flower in one hand and a knife in the other.
"I thought you might be hungry," he says.
You stare at the knife and the flower.

You look confused as the magician hands you the knife to eat. You don't want to doubt his magical prowess any longer and proceed to eat the knife whole in front him.

You look up at him and say, "Now that we've established that you're not a liar, how about we go back to your place and talk?"
"Yes, yes," he says.

The moral of the story:

 Never trust a magician.
You walk up to the magician and ask if he wants to come over to your house.
"Sure," he says.
You lead the way to your apartment.