EP 482 – Story #2 – You are Sishi Waketomi, an 80-year-old master sushi chef.

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You are Sishi Waketomi, an 80-year-old master sushi chef. One day, you wake up with an epiphany. Why limit yourself to raw fish?
 The world has never tasted the likes of your creations! And so, you leave Japan for New York City where you have already secured a place in an exclusive restaurant as their head chef.
After arriving in New York and working there for years, you're ready to return home...

You win a Michelin star and at your award ceremony the news asks you what's your secret. You say "sushi always tastes better when you leave it to Pickle in the Toilet".

Your story begins here.
You're standing on top of a cliff overlooking an ocean, looking out over the waves. The sun is setting behind you casting its red light over the watery horizon.

You put your sushi knife between your teeth and dive off the cliff into the water below. You hunt the elusive

 tuna fish until dawn comes and then continue your journey north through the sea.
When night falls again, you surface to breathe and find that you've somehow reached Greenland. In the distance, you can see the lights from villages and cities twinkling in the darkness.

In your travel across the ocean you cut a trawl net from a boat to collect your spoils as you swam, and caught the following undiscovered fish:

Pufferfish - 1
Bluefin Tuna - 2
Mackerel - 5
Anchovies - 7
Shark - 9
Whale Shark - 12
Cod - 14
Plaice - 18
Herring - 19
Haddock - 21

You meet with your new favorite customer Jason who gives your his clothes which are completely drenched in butter.

 He offers you a reward if you deliver him something even more delicious than sushi.
You ask him for his address.
He tells you it's 1042 Broadway.
You walk down the streets of Manhattan looking for this building.

You use this opportunity to serve Jason something you've been working on for a while, instead of raw fish, you serve him raw

After finishing your meal you take off once again and follow the coastline eastwards.
Night falls and you see two ships anchored just offshore from each other. You swim closer to one of them, but when you get close enough you notice it's not a ship, it's actually
 a pirate ship.
The pirates come ashore and you try to hide underneath some rocks, but they spot you anyway and capture you. They bring you onboard their ship and throw you in a cage.

The pirate captain stands by your cage and before he can say anything you lean in for a kiss.

 He's stunned and surprised, but eventually relents and lets you go.
You swim back to shore and return to your car.
You drive back towards New York City and make your way onto the highway.

You tell your heroic story about surviving being kidnapped by Pirates and open a new restaurant inspired by the events called, "

Pirate's Den."
Your story ends here.

The reviews are in for your new restaurant:

Tiny Tuna Fish —
I went there yesterday, I had the tuna fillet special, it was good! It seemed like a pretty small amount of fish though.
Flying Fish Tacos —
Good food and reasonable prices, plus I got my order
Sushi Rolls —
Food came out fast and fresh. Had some nice rolls.
Steak Meals —
They had very thick slices of meat, much better quality than most places.