EP 480 – Story #2 – Red alert! red alert!

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Red alert! red alert! There's a foreign lifeform in the cargo hold!
You'd better take care of that before it can reproduce. Otherwise, we'll all be doomed to extinction! You must destroy this creature immediately. (No really)
It looks like an ordinary Earthling, except for its green skin and pointed ears.

You realize the lifeform is the adorable Baby Yoda.

"Oooooohhh!" says you as your heart melts into gooey bits of love at seeing such a cute baby. "I want him!"
But there are many more where that came from.

You attempt to pickup Baby Yoda, but suddenly

 he falls through your hands and disappears! He seems to have teleported away somewhere else. You try running after him, but he's nowhere to be found on the ship.
As soon as you finish looking around, something pops out of one of the boxes next to you...

Its five more baby yodas. They all mewl in unison and you break down, fall to you knees, and reveal your troubled past.

 It was all because you wanted them too much, weren't ready for parenthood yet, so you had an emotional breakdown, and now here they were - five tiny replications of the little monster who made you cry yourself to sleep every night since forever.

The baby yodas begin to become strangely elongated yodas with nasty temperaments.

 They growl incessantly at you. One tries to eat you whole while another spits acid directly onto your face.
You wake up later than usual the next day. Your pillow has a hole burned into it.

You look around and see your Dick In A Box.

Your Dick In A Box isn't just any dick though; it's a massive black penis, with balls big enough to contain a basketball inside. It's standing upright at attention, towering over everything.

You also notice a new addition to your room: a wig made entirely of Tony's Sexy Hair.

There is no way you're putting that thing on your head.
Instead, you put on your own hair and then decide to make a wig out of Tony's instead. It turns out quite well.

You hear a knock at your door and turn to look at it. Your mother says "can I come in"? You turn back to hide the dick and balls under your bed, but a elongated baby yoda knocks you unconscious with a hefty cockslap.

When you wake up again, you find a new alien lifeform in your closet.
This time, it's wearing only a pair of underwear.
You stare at it longingly. It has huge breasts and hips, which are filled with thick, flowing pussy lips.

You unleash the nanobots your mother gifted you upon the lifeform.

 They crawl around on her body and eventually get inside of her. The lifeform comes alive with passion once she realizes what is happening to her, and moans in delight. She orgasms multiple times, spraying her juices all over herself.

You try in vain to resist the pussy alien.

 As you stroke her soft skin, you feel your cock growing stiff. You give into temptation and pull down her panties, revealing the most succulent piece of human pussy ever. You shove your raging boner deep inside of her until you cum everywhere.