EP 479 – Story #3 – You are Gal Godot.

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You are Gal Godot. You want to show your support for Ukraine, so you recruit several celebrities to sing an unfitting song with you.
 They'll be in the video. The first is a Russian-American singer who was famous at one time; her name used to be something like "Elena". She's on board too. Then there's a German pop star (I think he has some English as well) and another American


You are all going to be singing:

 "My Country 'Tis of Thy People Ye" from Spamalot by Eric Idle/David Ives. It seems appropriate.
"Spamalot," it says on Wikipedia, "has been called a musical masterpiece."

You sing all of Spamalot and then are approached by Tony, an AIPD streamer that wants to go on a date with you.

 He says he can take you down to his place if you're free, but only if you have the new app installed. You do. It asks what sort of person you are interested in dating, and since this is still just a prototype, it suggests some options.

dating app is called

 Dating Quest.
Your friends tell you about how they've met their partners through Dating Quest. One even tells you that she's engaged now!
A quick search shows that there's no shortage of people using the app, although many seem to be playing hooky from work or school.

You get a notification on the app, it informs you of a new "Dating Quest":

 You Are a Bunny Rabbit.
You open it up and are greeted with a prompt that gives you choices between a bunny rabbit girl, a guy bunny rabbit, or a non-binary option.

You choose all three.

 Your next screen is a picture of yourself, but in cartoon form. There's also a little description text box underneath.
  "Hi, I'm Gal Godot! My friend told me to sign up for this thing because sometimes you need help finding love...


You save your profile and immediately receive a message:

  "Gal, thank you so much for signing up!"
The next day, you hear from Anna. She's impressed by your choice of avatar.
She says she'd love to meet up, but doesn't give a lot of details.

You meet her at the odd location for a date:

 a small house out in the middle of nowhere. The inside isn't very impressive, and there's nothing interesting or unusual around except the basement door. That's where you're going.
Inside the room, you find a note written on the wall behind a mirror.
  Dear Gal,
  This is my home away from home, when I want to feel alone. Just remember -- nobody likes a jerk.
  Thanks again,
Anna walks in with a large bag slung over her shoulder.

Anna opens the bag to reveal Tony asleep inside.

  "He came to pick me up after we finished filming the protest, and I don't really know how to drive. I thought I could sleep here."
  "Oh, hi! I'm Gal Godot!"

You level up and gain the following Dating Quest romance powers:

  Level Up
  Romance Powers - You've unlocked the ability to flirt with others. Try it out.
As you stand there chatting, you realize that she's not wearing a bra under her t-shirt.

You attempt to flirt with Anna:

  "Are those real?"
  "What? Oh, yeah! You like them?"
  "Very much! I guess I'll just have to check back later, to make sure you haven't gone to buy more."

You break the ice with your best joke:

  "So, did you have fun tonight?"
  "Did you mean that in a sexual way?"
  "Well, okay then!"
Anna smiles. You smile.