EP 479 – Story #2 – You are Martin Memories, a guy who’s waking up with little-to-no memory of what happened the previous night.

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You are Martin Memories, a guy who's waking up with little-to-no memory of what happened the previous night. You look around and realize you're not the only person in your bedroom. There's a movie director laying on the DVD player, a librarian on-top of your bookshelf, a clothes designer in your dresser and an aquarium owner in your fish tank. You ask, "What are these weirdos doing in my house?"
 The Director answers, "We've been waiting for you to wake up!" You think, 'That's really odd because I didn't go out last night!' And then it hits you: you don't remember going home!

You are handed a revolver with one bullet and the director yells, "Action!"

 You fire at the actor on the bed. It is actually loaded (it seems that some people like to be shot while they sleep). He falls off the bed and lands flat on his backside. Before he can get up you shoot him again.

Luckily the gun is empty. Phillipe, a sad French Clown, runs into the room and tackles you to the ground.

 As you both roll across the floor, trying to gain control of your weapon, someone else walks over behind you - it's the Aquarium Owner, he must have snuck into the house after all.

You scream for the librarian to help you.

 She throws something at the two clowns that has them running away screaming. You quickly pick yourself up and take cover under the bed. Just as you do so there is a loud noise from somewhere outside;
 you duck down to hide.
You hear voices coming towards the door. One voice says, "I'm gonna kill everyone." You open the door just a crack, peek through it and see a tall man dressed in black robes carrying a sword.

You scramble to the prop department for another bullet.

 As soon as you get it you return to the action, this time firing at the dark figure. He dodges the bullet easily, but stumbles as he does. You aim carefully and put a hole right between his eyes.

You realize the dark figure was heading straight for a dresser containing Cory from AIPD's clothes.

 You grab her and pull her out of the way, getting shot in the process.
The Dark Figure collapses to the ground and starts moaning in pain. The director screams, "Cut! Cut!

You have creative differences with the director.

 What do you do?
You tell him, "No problem. I'll rewrite the script to suit me." He says, "Okay," and gives you $200k to re-shoot the scene.

You make the changes to the scene:

 you point the gun at the director, but before you can fire, a giant hand slams against the wall next to you and picks you up. The director says, "And cut!"
You are now inside the mind of Cory Foley.

You gaze into his troubled past.

 You see memories of being bullied by other kids and having his father abandon him. But, despite everything, you know that Cory is a good kid. He tries his best, even if sometimes he fails.

You snap back to reality.

 You find yourself in the center of a busy city street, holding a gun to a young woman's head. A large crowd of people watches in amazement. The girl looks terrified, and her face is painted with makeup that makes her look like she's about to cry.

You look around, but this time there is no camera's. What have you gotten yourself into?

You notice a police car speeding toward you. You decide to run away.
A moment later, you turn a corner and stop dead in your tracks. The police car has smashed into a lamppost, flipped over, and is upside-down.

You run to rescue the officers from the car.

 As you reach the overturned car, you catch sight of one of the cops lying still inside, blood dripping from his mouth.
"Are you okay?" you ask.
He shakes his head slowly.

You finally remember

 you're a cop too. You draw your own gun and aim it at the driver.
Suddenly the radio comes alive in your earpiece: "Officer Foley! We need you in the garage now!"

You yell into the radio "Officer down. Returning fire" and shoot the driver.

 He drops dead at the wheel.
You check your body and find that you are wounded. You feel dizzy and suddenly the world goes dark.
You wake up to discover yourself strapped to a gurney in a hospital bed.