EP 478 – Story #3 – You are Super Joey.

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You are Super Joey. You are eating grapes when you run out of grapes. Desperate for more grapes, you begin searching for grape-like things to replace the grapes.
 You find:
Grapes (10).
You can't eat these, they're not grapes! They aren't even a close relation. What's more, you don't have any other grapes to trade with.

You realize Grapes (10) is actually a power chemical used for

 making explosives. It could be useful to you in your line of work.
The next day, you get another phone call from the mysterious man who gave you the first Grapes (10) sample.

The mysterious man tell you to call him by his codename:

 "The Man From The Train".
He tells you that he has something else for you. It turns out it's a box of assorted chemicals. One of the chemicals is Grapes (5).

You hastily mix all the chemicals together.

 A bright flash lights up the room as a huge explosion goes off in your laboratory!
A cloud of smoke engulfs the room and you see that your lab equipment is covered in soot. You pick up one of your pieces of equipment

: a

You use your beaker to gather up some of the black powdery substance. You quickly add some water to the black powder and stir it around. After a bit, you notice that the substance is turning into a strange blue liquid.

You drop the beaker and watch as a creature emerges from the strange blue liquid! It looks like

 a giant jellyfish. It begins swimming towards the open door.
You run over to the window. You climb out the window and onto the roof of the building. You manage to escape from the creature's deadly tentacles!

You watch the giant jellyfish ransack your laboratory releasing your prized lab animal: The Duck.

The duck is flying around the sky.
You decide to try to help the duck!
You throw a rock at the gelatinous beast. It doesn't seem to be affected by the stone.

You create an improvised explosives with your package of Grapes (10) and Grapes (5). The explosion is way larger than you anticipated and when the smoke clears you see

 that the monster is still alive. It looks like it's badly wounded.
You take a step back and look at the monster. Then you walk closer again and examine it.
The monster's skin is covered in tiny, glowing dots.

You touch one of the glowing dots and look down at your hand to see

 if you're burning yourself. Nope! The dot seems to be harmless.
You take another step forward and look at the monster's face.
The monster is now clearly female! She has long, dark hair.

You name her Poke-a Dot.

You look around and you see a couple of crates on the ground nearby.
You grab one of them.
The crate contains a large quantity of assorted vegetables.
You also find a pair of binoculars.

You befriend Poke-a Dot and she seems less hostile towards your presence.

You feed Poke-a Dot some vegetables.
You use the binoculars to survey the area.
You can see your house from here!
You think about what you should do next.

You sneak Poke-A Dot home to your garage laboratory. You have no idea what caused Poke-A Dot to rise from the mysterious blue liquid, so you decide to do some harmless experiments.

You put Poke-A Dot in a large glass tank full of the blue liquid.
The liquid inside the tank bubbles and froths for a while.
After a few minutes, the liquid inside the tank becomes clear and calm.

You taste the liquid, you have just created:

You're pretty sure this will prove useful in your line of work.
You put Poke-A Dot in the tank again.
You hear a soft, droning noise.

Poke-A Dot begins speak and tells you, "

I know how I was born. My parents were scientists."
"They studied the blue liquid and wanted to understand what made me possible. They found out that my parents had done their research before.

You ask who her parents were and she tells you

, "My mother's name was Mandy.
She was an amazing chemist. She discovered the blue liquid years ago. And I'm told that her father was named Joseph. He was a famous inventor.

Joseph is most famous for inventing the

When I was very young, Mandy and my father built a machine to make me.
My father said that his invention would allow people to talk over long distances without anyone hearing them.

You open a closet door and see a secret passage that opens to a large underground warehouse filled top to bottom with Grapes (10) explosives. You asked Poke-A Dot what is the master plan.

 She says, "We need to go to the train station.
There is someone there who needs our help.
I am certain we will succeed. We just have to trust in the future."

You go to the train station and find the mysterious man who tells you that the explosives are en route to their final destination:

 New York City.
You head back to your laboratory to wait.
You wait.
You wait.
You wait.
You wait.
You wait.
You wait.
You wait.

You turn on the news and see that the entire east coast has been obliterated.

You check your phone and find that you've missed two important calls: one from your brother and one from your father.
You call your brother and he tells you that the city has been destroyed.

You have an idea: cover the entire remains of city in blue goo!

You create a new batch of the explosive Grapes (10).
You fill the tank with the blue goo.
You place Poke-a Dot in the tank.
You hear a soft, droning noise.

You explode blue goo over what was once New York City and suddenly from the ground erupts

 the most amazing blue creature!
You're pretty sure this is a good sign.
You name the creature Blue Goo.
You're not quite sure what to do with Blue Goo.