EP 477 – Story #3 – You are the Zodiac Chiller, a mysterious man who freezes things and leaves encoded notes behind.

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You are the Zodiac Chiller, a mysterious man who freezes things and leaves encoded notes behind.

You have your own personal notebook where you store all of your findings from each case.
In the past, it has been used to write down information about what was frozen and by whom.
It also contains many other things

- A small list of items that you think may be useful.
- Information about what happened during your last investigation.
- An itemized list of all your enemies and their weaknesses.
- Some notes on how to properly freeze things.

You decide to go after your next victim:
 The Great White Shark!
You head south out of the swamp.
You soon arrive at a dock in a village along the coast.
The water around the dock is littered with fish corpses.

You walk up to the captain on the dock and tell him, "We're going to need a colder boat."

He looks at you funny and tells you that he doesn't have one available.
"What do I look like? A taxi service?" he asks.
You shrug and say, "I don't know what a taxi service does, but it seems that they can always find one when needed

You bring a barrel of frozen clum into your pontoon boat and motor away to last known place of The Great White Shark.

As you approach, you see it's a fishing boat.
The owner is inside cooking dinner.
You shout over to him, "Excuse me sir. Do you happen to have any kind of colder boat available?"

The man takes you to a secret inlet. You see a boat with the words "ICE QUEEN" printed on the side. You've found your boat
"This will do nicely," you say, as you pull the Ice Queen into shore.
You climb aboard the ice queen and start off.
The captain watches you for a moment before turning back to his fish and continuing to cook.

Just as you are about to give up the hunt, the great white shark attacks!

The beast lunges from the ocean and sinks its teeth into your boat.
A wave washes over you, sending you flying.
You manage to land on your feet, but now you're surrounded by angry sharks.

You use this opportunity to roll the barrel of clum towards the sharks and shoot it!

The creatures become stunned and begin to swim away.
You quickly get back on your feet and jump onto your boat.
You sail back to port with the help of the friendly captain.
"That was some amazing aim," he says.

You regroup back at the dock and strategize on how to freeze this shark.

"How much time do we have?" you ask the captain.
"Not much," he answers. "You'll need to leave right away."

You use your vast knowledge of freezing to create the ultimate great white shark trap:

You build an ice house in the middle of the ocean.
Then you take a large metal sheet and attach it to the roof of the ice house.
You then use a powerful magnet to hold the metal sheet in place.

You the klum the water and hide steel ball bearings in the bait.  The great white shark eats all the ball bearings and you use the magnet to rip it out of the ocean and right into the ice house!

The shark thrashes around trying to get out of the ice, but it's too late.
You watch as the shark freezes solid.
"Great job," says the captain, patting you on the shoulder.

The captain pulls his hand back and realizes it is frozen!  He is your victim!

He wails in pain as he slowly begins to melt.
"I'm sorry," you say.
You use your ice powers to break the ice surrounding him.
You grab a bucket of clum and pour it over the captain to help him heal.

Thom Yorke sees this and begins chanting Ice Age coming, Ice Age coming
The ice man is no more!
"I guess I'm not quite ready for this yet," you say.
You put on your coat, hat, and gloves and head into town.

You yell at the top of your lungs, "I'm clumming all over my knees!"

Your friends turn around and laugh.
You continue down the street.
You enter the inn and head upstairs to your room.
You see the bar maid, who smiles at you and asks if she can get you anything.

You grin and says, "Just a bucket of ice..."

You order your drink, but the barmaid has to go get it.
While you're waiting for your drink, you hear someone coughing.
You walk up to the source of the noise, and there you find an old woman who is having trouble breathing.

You walk up to the old woman who turns around and reveals herself to be
 an ancient crone!
The crone grabs your throat and chokes you!
You try to fight back, but the crone has too much strength for you.
"Help!" you shout.

The old crone vomits clum all over you until you pass away.

"That's the first person to ever die of choking," says the bartender.
You stand up and say, "Thank you for saving my life."
"No problem," the bartender replies.