EP 476 – Story #3 – You are Weston Smith, art director of the Kalamazoo Institute of Dog Paintings.

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You are Weston Smith, art director of the Kalamazoo Institute of Dog Paintings. You're investigating a Forgery of the Famous "Dog Barks at Wall" painting done by Squanches the poodle
You walk into your office and find it packed with crates, each containing one dog painting. You open up a crate marked 'Squanches' and take out a painting, which you place on the floor in front of you.

A small ape Fellow pops out of nowhere and directs you to the forgery.  You suspect this little fellow works here.
 You ask him who painted the fake.
He says there is no way he can tell you that, since they all look alike. He then asks if you want to buy some more paintings.
You say: "No thank you."

The little monkey fellow tries to sell you a crate full of Paw Patrol merchandise.

You say: "I'm sorry, but I don't have enough money for that."
After giving up on selling you anything else, he gives you a free painting. It's the same as the ones in the crates.

You suspect this little monkey fellow knows more that he is letting on, so you bring in your enforcer Alf, an alien who wants to eat dogs because he got tired of eating cats.

Alf looks around the room and notices the paintings.
He says he doesn't see any signs of a forgery anywhere.
Your enforcer sees some paw prints leading from the door to the crate marked Squanches, and he thinks it might be related to the forgery.

You follow the paint to its source,
 the crate marked 'Squanches'. There's a paw print there, too!
Inspect the paw print.
It comes from a puppy named Dusty, a miniature dachshund.

You pay a late night visit to Dusty's studio apartment and notice he is painting another forgery.  When he sees you, he hops out the fire escape and gives chase.

As you climb down, you realize he's running faster than you can run. You turn back to the fire escape, ready to jump.
Before you make a leap for it, a large gorilla appears out of nowhere and tackles you to the ground.

The gorilla rips one of your hands off.
 You scream in pain, as he throws your hand against the wall where it shatters into a million pieces.
You begin sobbing uncontrollably. The gorilla walks away, leaving you alone with your ruined hand.

Upon seeing your hand shatter against the wall you realize you have Mr. Glass disease and must now carefully get to safety.

There is a broken piece of glass stuck between your fingers.
You feel around in your pocket until you find a pair of pliers.
With the help of your friends, you manage to pull the glass out of your hand, but you are left with a long scar.

Alf takes your to the ER and your wounds are stitched up.  As you are walking out to the parking lot, you notice Dusty sneaking art into the employee entrance.

You rush inside, only to find him fleeing from the security guard. You catch him just before he jumps over the fence.
You think Dusty is trying to sneak out some of his own artwork.

You finally put it all together!  Doctors at this hospital are stealing real works of art and putting them into their examination rooms!!!

You have determined that Dr. Doolittle is the culprit. You head to his office and confront him about it, demanding he return these stolen paintings or face prosecution.
Alf is waiting outside the doctor's office.

Alf draw's his fork and knife and scrapes them against each other "Dr Doolittle commands an army of test animals, but I skipped breakfast!"  You watch as Alf single handedly eats an entire army of lab animals.

You stop Alf's attack and call the police.
They arrive in time to arrest Dusty for trying to steal some paintings. You catch a ride home with Alf.
You open the door to your new house and discover it filled with paintings of dogs.

You hang your favorite painting of dogs over your bed, it depicts:

The Artist (you)
Three Dogs Playing Poker
Four Dogs Eating Pizza
Seven Dogs Playing Ping Pong
Nine Dogs Dancing Gangnam Style
You fall asleep and dream of the next day:
You wake up to find yourself surrounded by paintings.