EP 476 – Story #2 – You ask a Mars hobo “Where do giant rats live”?

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You ask a Mars hobo "Where do giant rats live"?

"Here, there and everywhere. Everywhere, that is." He says with a smile.
You ask a Mars hobo "What are the good places to go to?"
"The city of Mars in general.

The Mars Hobo imparts the following hobo wisdom:
 'Be nice to people.'
 'Don't make waves.'
 'Listen when someone has something important to tell you.'
 'No one is better than anyone else.'

You ask the Mars Hobo, "What happens if I make waves?"

"Nothing much." The Mars Hobo shrugs. "Just have an unpleasant time for a while. But be careful what you wish for..."

You ask about the interplanetary conflict
"Oh, it's nothing. Just a big ol' dust-up between Earth and Mars over who gets first pick at all the juicy resources on this planet. It's pretty silly really."

You lead the war against Earth and make the Mars Hobo your second in command.

Mars hobos are allowed to roam free without any supervision. They're also allowed to mug tourists and steal their valuables. Your mission is to find out why they do this.
You order the Mars Hobos to stop stealing things.

While looking for recruits you encounter Jason, a human who wants to adopt you. You say that it's your birthday today, and the perfect gift would be a laser gun, to protect our new happy family.

You adopt Jason as your son.
You get a laser gun from the Mars Hobo.
You ask the Mars Hobo where he got his laser gun.
"I stole it off of a tourist.

Secret agents from Earth manage to capture you trying to recruit members in a grocery store.
 You're brought before a judge and sentenced to death by firing squad.
You give yourself up to the Earth forces.
You are sent to the Moon. A strange man named Dr. Wileman welcomes you.

You ask the doctor "I thought I was being shot." the doctor answers "you are being shot" and sticks an enormous syringe of glowing fluid into your heart.
 You feel nothing as the liquid flows through your veins.
You wake up after a long sleep. Everything is different now. You are no longer the same person you were before.
A man greets you, saying "Welcome aboard the spaceship.

You awaken and see that your body has transformed from the serum, it is now
 a kind of robotic suit of armor, but still you have a humanoid form. There are several other robots like yourself around you, and a voice commands you to follow him.
You leave behind the barren wasteland and begin a journey among the stars.

You travel the stars, meeting strange and wonderful new life. You encounter who would become of your life, a
 quest to save the galaxy and everything in it.
As you continue your travels across the universe, you meet more and more beings, some friendly, some hostile. All the while the voice in your head whispers instructions.

On the next episode of "Robo Hobo":

You've been given a new mission: To deliver a message of peace to the giant centipede, and to convince it that it should not attack Earth again.
Your new mission is to travel to the Centipede Planet and spread the word that this species should cease hostilities with Earth.