EP 476 – Story #1 – You are James Detective-Criminal, a New York Detective by day and a Dangerous Criminal by Night.

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You are James Detective-Criminal, a New York Detective by day and a Dangerous Criminal by Night. You are trying to keep both of your Lives separate to each other.

You've been hired as an Investigator for a Private Investigation firm in Manhattan called "The Investigation Bureau." Your job is to find out why their Boss has disappeared without warning!
Unfortunately, you're not quite sure what's happened yet...

You investigate Officer Cory's Police car to search for clues to his whereabouts.  You find:

1. Handgun
2. Radio
3. Map
4. Wallet with:
5. Identification Card (Identify yourself)
6. Insurance Card (Report Accident)
 Driver's License (Drive on Roadways)
8. Car Registration (Parked Cars)
9. Car Keys (Take Car)
10. Cell Phone (Call Police)

You are interrupted when you hear a sound from the trunk.

─ A noise comes from the trunk. The trunk opens and out jumps a wildcat!
"I'm hungry!" says the tiger. He runs around in circles until he gets dizzy.

You ask the talking tiger how he ended up in Officer Cory's trunk.

The tiger replies: "Officer Cory picked me up yesterday in Central Park. I was just wandering around looking for food when he pulled over and asked if I needed help. He said something about an Investigation Bureau.

You ask the tiger the last time he saw Officer Cory as he is missing.

The tiger answers: "Yesterday morning. He dropped me off at the Central Park Zoo to see what they would feed me."

You ask the tiger where Officer Cory lives.
The tiger replies: "In Brooklyn. His apartment is near Prospect Park. Do you want directions?"
You ask the tiger the most likely place that Officer Cory might be now


The tiger tells you he is probably at his  favorite bar:
 The Glass Hat Tavern, on Coney Island Avenue.
You leave the tiger to play with himself while you go to the Investigation Bureau on Bleeker Street.
You enter the door marked with the letter "I."

You knock on the door and an slot opens and a man asks you for the password.  You guess:
The door opens and you walk into the office of the Chief Investigator for the Investigation Bureau.
He says: "Hello there! What can I do for you?"
You tell him about the disappearance of Officer Cor


You are surprised that the head of the Investigation Bureau is famous Hollywood actor
, Andrew Dufresne.
Andrew Dufresne smiles and says: "Oh yes! I know who you are! My wife told me all about you! She's such a gossip!

You look around the room and see printed out screenshots of a skyscraper and promotional material from Shawshank Redemption.  You suspect that "Andy" has lost his damn mind.

You ask Andy why he thinks Officer Cory disappeared.
"Well," Andy explains, "It's a long story but basically, he got mixed up with some bad guys and fell into a trap."

Andy shows you Officer Cory stuck in a net trap 1000
t into the air.

You are worried because no one can see Officer Cory or get to him. You say, "Why didn't you call the Fire Department?"
Andy replies: "We tried. But they couldn't get the net down in time."

You run up the skyskraper and rappel down the building to save Officer Cory.

When you arrive on the roof, you find Officer Cory. He is trapped in a net that is 1 foot wide.
You pull the net open and free Officer Cory.
A helicopter arrives and picks you up with Officer Cory.

On the next episode of "Rushed Almost 9/11 Redemption":

─ You are a hero! You rescue a damsel in distress!
You are given $50 for your bravery.
You decide to visit Andy's Bar afterwards.
You enter the bar and sit down.