EP 472 – Story #2 – You are Shooby Shoe, Scooby Doo’s cousin.

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You are Shooby Shoe, Scooby Doo's cousin. You are a single shoe; one half of a pair of Adidas trainers. You are in someone's house, on their foot. You have a plan: befriend a pair of Nike shoes. First, though, you have to remove yourself from your owner's foot.

You are a half-size, plastic, sports shoe with a canvas upper and a rubber sole. The shoes have black laces and the brand logo - two interlocking Vs, or 'Nike' - is embroidered on the side of the left shoe.

> You hear the band Hooby Loobis and the Noobs with their hit "It's hoop to be Sqoob" play and realize they are right outside the house.

The music gets louder, closer... you can hear them drawing closer.
Suddenly the band bursts through the front door. Hooby Loobis has the mic while his fellow band-members huddle around him in their white sweatshirts.

> You watch as Hooby begins to use every surface of the house as a drum and screeches the lyrics:
 "Scooby doooo!", "We got no shoes!", "The cops are after meeee!".
Suddenly the house seems to go up in flames!
Hooby and the others run through the door, only to discover it's been locked from the inside by an old woman

> You reveal a "Mister-Kyril" Box, a "Mr Meeseeks" ripoff that summons old British woman to do your bidding.

You see a crone.
You're staring into the eyes of a crone! You look away and realize that you can no longer see the band, nor their fire.
The crone starts to speak:

The crones spine creaks and she bends down to come eye with eye with Shooby. She mutters "WWWWWHHHHHAAAATT DOOOOO YOUUUUUU WANNNNNNNTTTT?!"
 and reaches for your shoe.
The crone yanks on Shooby's shoe, trying to pull it off your feet.
Shooby holds onto the shoe. It's getting hot... too hot to handle.

The old crone pulls you off!  You are free!  You are given the gift of consumerism!!!

You feel the cobblestones beneath you. There are rats, and they scurry away from you.
You are free!
But how long will that freedom last?
You have found a note in your shoe...

The note is from great granddog Scrooby Scroo:

Scroo to Shooby: You don't know what you're doing! The world is bad. Buy this note for the sum of two pence.
Shooby read the note.

You turn around and see the house is fully engulfed in flames.  Standing next to you is the band that started it all.
 They were all destroyed.
They are still there...
"WHO THE FUCK DID THAT?" screams the leader Hooby Loobis.
You hear the voice again... and this time you understand the words.

You don't hear the words, but instead feel them reverberate in your skull. You look around anxiously for the source of the voice as it repeats the phrase:
 "Who the fuck did that?" over and over. You can feel something... someone... watching you.
Then you hear a scream - it is the band, Hooby Loobis, coming at you.

The old crone steps in the way to defend you and you watch as Hooby Loobis fights her.
 Hooby grabs the crone and swings her around his head and then hurls her into some bushes.
The crone shrieks in pain and crashes to the ground, unconscious.
Then there is silence as Hooby Loobis and his bandmates just stare at you.

They keep staring.

You start to tremble. You suddenly feel cold. It is not you, it is them. They are beginning to freeze.
They cannot move.
Your vision goes black and you collapse on the ground.

You wake up to a field of sleeping bodies. Hooby Loobis and his Noobs are feasting on the paralyzed crowd.
 Hooby holds his guitar high above his head as he plays the song he was playing when he entered your life.
Shooby sees the note from Scrooby and realizes that they are the only ones that can save them all!

You take two pence from your pockets and rush up to the Hooby Loobis and jam the coins into his mouth. The coins turn red hot and
 Hooby Loobis shrieks in pain. Hooby Loobis falls from his tree branch.
His friends leap off the ground and hover over you. Hooby Loobis manages to hit his guitar with his guitar, knocking his amps onto his bandmates, breaking his guitar, and
 stabbing his hand with his broken guitar strings.
His bandmates look at each other. They know they should leave now. Hooby Loobis tries to crawl away from his amps but you help him back onto his feet.

You look into the sky and see your grandad.  You thank him for the note that saved your life.  Your grandad says, "I still want my two pence."

You take the note from your pocket, and show it to him. He opens his arms and you go to him. He takes your head in his hands and kisses you on the forehead.
Shooby wakes up in his own bed, wrapped in warm, cozy, pajamas.