EP 470 – Story #1 – You are Mr.

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You are Mr. Cutter, a guy who cuts hair for a living. For your first few months of business, you aren't a very popular barber. However, after giving an excellent haircut to Tony, your business starts rising. You use a poster of Tony's haircut to advertise your business which leads to you becoming one of the most popular barbers in America.

You have been cutting hair for about two years now. Your shop is located on West Main Street, next to the police station and just across from the post office. There is a large window on the south wall that looks out over the town square.

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"Haircuts are like tattoos: if you want it done right, do it yourself."

People take your advice and business dips substantially so you run a promotion to giveaway Tony from AIPD's treadmill.
 The promotion works well but you lose money in the process. You decide to cut costs by letting Tony work for free.
Your friend Tony is always getting himself into trouble, so you decided to hire him as a barber at your shop.

You need to come up with some fresh ideas, and decide to go through your copy of  Cutting hair for dummies, the book that taught you everything about Cutting hair since your not officially Qualified.

The book is quite old, and has been around for about 30 years. It was written by Mr. Dicks, a man who used to own a salon.
You've never met him, but he once gave you a nice tip when you got an excellent haircut from his chair.

You decide to use your fame and organize a dinner with Mr Dicks to get some wisdom about cutting hair.

The party is held on the night before the gala. You arrive early, dressed to impress. You walk into the house, where you see Mr Dicks already there, along with his wife, Miss Dicks.

You are approached by the Dick's butler,
 who tells you that they have no time for small talk. They invite you to sit down and enjoy your drink. You tell them that you are a bit nervous and would like to know more about their background before you ask anything else.

Before you can say anything, Mr Dick's hands you A glove that swaps people's genitalia and replaces them with a random organ as a substitute.
 He says: "It is part of my job as a professional to make sure that everyone knows how I feel about them and how much they mean to me. Now, why don't we start with this?"

You are nervous and don't want to offend Mr Dicks so you agree and your genital's are replaced by
 a chicken leg. You are shocked but manage to stay calm.
Miss Dicks, seeing you still uncomfortable, comes over and offers you a hug. She then kisses you passionately, her lips pressing against yours.

Miss Dicks nibbles your chicken leg. You are strangely
 turned on and look around to see if anyone noticed. Miss Dicks licks the inside of your thigh. You are very aroused now and begin to touch Miss Dicks' breasts. Her nipples are rock hard.

Mr Dicks walks in and is shocked to see you are groping his wife.
 He slaps you.
Miss Dicks quickly steps between you and Mr Dick's, who grabs her by the arms and pushes her up against the wall. His cock is already hard and sticking out from his trousers.

You are uncomfortable with the whole situation and tell Mr Dicks you just want to learn how to cut hair better.

Mr Dicks is enraged. He pulls his cock out of his trousers and shoves it into Miss Dicks' mouth. She takes it deep down her throat. He then throws her down onto the floor, grabbing her hair and forcing her to kneel.