EP 466 – Story #2 – You are Oprah Winfrey, you are really sad that Jason Didn’t invite you to his and Ellen’s Wedding.

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You are Oprah Winfrey, you are really sad that Jason Didn't invite you to his and Ellen's Wedding. You thought since you've worked at AIPD for a couple of years that you and Jason's Friendship was enough to be invited to his wedding ceremony but alas You were wrong.

Oprah then remembers the time she went on her first date with Jason. Oprah had to make him feel better about himself because he felt like an ugly duckling. He was very insecure and worried if people would like him or not.

You decide to be straight with Jason and let him know that you were hurt when you did not receive a wedding invite.
 After all, it's your job to help people. Jason is surprised to hear this news and asks how the wedding will go without you there.
"It'll be fine," you say reassuringly.

In secret, you hire a private detective to find out where the wedding is being held so you can crash it.
 Your plan is working perfectly. The private detective tells you that they're having the wedding on a cruise ship in international waters.
If only you could get down there undetected and see for yourself.

You go undercover and dress up in Jason from AIPD's clothes.
 You walk into the bathroom and change into him. You put on Jason's hair gel, which makes you look like Jason. You put on his glasses. Then you take off the trench coat and put on a tuxedo.

You realize your disguise is so good the wedding organizers actually think you are the Jason and place you at the wedding alter.  Ellen appears and you lean in for a kiss.
 You start kissing her, and you both begin to feel guilty.
"Why are we doing this?" you ask.
"Because we love each other," she replies. "We should do it now before the ceremony."

Ellen whisks you away to a nearby broom closet and you
 two have sex. But you just wanted to make sure the wedding party knew what a great guy Jason really is. You then leave the broom closet and continue to the wedding reception.
After the wedding, you tell Jason that he didn't need to worry;
 he and Ellen are perfect together. He's very happy and says so. After everyone leaves, you and Jason go back to the honeymoon cabin aboard the cruise ship.
You and Jason fall asleep in each other's arms.

Ellen notices you in bed with her new husband and begins to freak out!  You confess to her about the whole thing.
 She doesn't care that you had sex with Jason and that you're wearing his clothing. All she cares about is that you guys are together. You kiss her passionately.
The next morning, you wake up alone.

You give Jason a wedding present: a Grenade Launcher.

"For the future!" you say.
Jason is very pleased with this gift and hugs you tightly.
You then leave him and say goodbye.
You take a cab back to your apartment and take a shower.

You then see a breaking news story: Jason has used his grenade launcher to
 shoot and kill Ellen. There's also a picture of you in a police station.
A reporter says, "Police believe the murderer might still be on the loose. They urge anyone who spots the killer to contact the nearest authorities immediately."

Jason appears in handcuffs and gives a speech:
 "... I've been planning for this day my entire life. I want to thank Oprah Winfrey,

 whom, this wouldn't have been possible. It was you who made me feel good about myself, and it was thanks to you that I met Ellen.
 Thank you for everything, Oprah. I don't think I would have had such a wonderful wife without you. Goodbye."
And then he shoots himself.
Oprah is devastated. She cries as she reads the article.

You do a show in memorial of Jason and Ellen.  The episode is all about
 how great they were. You end the episode by saying, "I'm sorry, Ellen and Jason, and thank you for coming on the show today. I hope you rest in peace."
Oprah then takes a long pause and looks directly to camera.

"To those reading this, I apologize that I couldn't stop Jason from killing Ellen. But I will say that I am proud of the work that I've done and that I tried my best.

Jason's brother stands up from the studio audience and tells everyone that YOU killed them and shows a receipt for the grenade launcher signed: "Oprah Winfrey".  The audience gasps and begins to boo you.

Then a helicopter lands on stage and a man from AIPD takes you away in handcuffs.
You are Oprah Winfrey, you are really sad that Jason Didn't invite you to his and Ellen's Wedding.

You sit in the AIPD jail facility awaiting trial.  You are interrogated by Officer Cory and Officer Tony.

They ask you why you murdered Jason and Ellen.  They are trying to get you to confess.
You answer that you're innocent and that you never meant for this to happen.
Officer Cory says, "What kind of evidence are you referring to?
 We have several pieces of video footage showing you murdering Jason and Ellen. And, we have a confession from you."
"That's not true!" you reply.
Cory laughs. "Oh, come on, Oprah.

You realize that before Jason shot himself, he created an AI generated deep fake of you confessing and performing the murders.

"Look, Oprah," says Cory, "you have no one to blame but yourself. If you hadn't been sleeping with Jason, he wouldn't have gone crazy and murdered Ellen.
You're so stupid, Oprah."

You confess.
 "Yes, I did it. I killed Jason and Ellen. I'm sorry."
"But why?" asks Tony.
You shrug. "I wanted to be loved. I told Jason that if he liked me, I'd help him with his career.