EP 465 – Story #3 – In the future, John Cena is the most famous person on Earth

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In the future, John Cena is the most famous person on Earth. he has a show, "John Cena's Time Machine", in which he travels back in time and meets famous people from history.
 He talks to Abraham Lincoln about his great ideas for America, then goes to meet Albert Einstein so they can discuss their theories of relativity together. Then he meets Mother Teresa to ask her how she could forgive those who had hurt others.

Suddenly, the time machine breaks, and John Cena is stuck in
 a strange land with no way home... until you find the key to the time machine! It's hidden inside one of these boxes:
1) A box with a picture of Einstein.
2) A box with a picture of Mother Teresa.

You look through both boxes.
 You find nothing.
You take out the box with the picture of Einstein.
It contains a key.
You take it back into the past and use it on the time machine.
A bright light shines around you as the machine starts up again.

Just as the machine is about to travel through time, Albert Einstein touches the machine and is sent to the future with you.
 The two of you go back to the year 1950.
Albert Einstein sits down next to you at your table and asks if you would like some coffee. You tell him that you'd love some.

You ask Albert if he'd like some bing chaling.
 Albert says yes, and takes a big spoonful.
"Wow!" Albert exclaims, "This is amazing stuff."
Albert asks you what you are studying here in this college. You tell him you're an English major.

Albert glares at you get you to change your major to physics.
 You say you don't want to do that.
Albert tells you that you must be stupid not to want to study science.
He pushes your chair away and walks off angrily.
Albert has a very bad temper when he's angry.

You try to break the ice and apologize to Albert with two tickets to the funnest place on Earth, Neverland Ranch.

Albert accepts the tickets with a smile.
The two of you talk about your favorite movies for a while, but after a short time, Albert gets tired of talking about himself and leaves.
You watch him leave.

You take Albert on all your favorite Neverland Ranch rides:
 Peter Pan's Flight, the Pirate Ship Ride, the Flying Dutchman, and the Haunted Mansion. After riding each ride, Albert tells you why you should have been scared.
Eventually, the day comes to a close, and it's time to return home.

You attempt to leave the ranch, but are stopped 
Michael Jackson
 He tells you that you must pay for everything today.
You give Michael $500 dollars worth of tickets, just enough to cover the cost of the ticket.
Michael thanks you and lets you go.

Hidden in bush, you see a large red button.  You push the button.

You wake up in a hospital room. Your head hurts.
You realize that you've traveled forward in time to the year 2020.
Your father is standing by your bedside.
"Welcome back," says your father.

Your father explains that you come from a long line of time travelers.

"I'm glad to see you're awake," he says. "But I'm sorry to see you were injured during our little adventure. Let me explain what happened..."
He tells you the story of how you came to be there

After you left, Albert tried to stop the time machine.
But it was too late -- the time machine went through a wormhole, sending the two of you to the year 2020.
Albert took you to a nearby hospital.

You ask, "And Neverland Ranch?  What happened to Michael Jackson?"

"Oh, Michael died a few years ago," says your father.
"How did 
 die?" you ask.
Your father replies, "No idea."
You think for a moment.

You vividly recall the moments after pushing the big red button and you saw Michael's last living moments as he was
 being eaten alive by the crocodiles.
"What's going on?!" Michael screams, thrashing wildly.
A croc bites into Michael's leg. His scream grows louder.
Another croc grabs his arm and pulls him under the water.