EP 464 – Story #3 – Quick!, the corgis are coming!

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Quick!, the corgis are coming!

The house is quiet, save for a faint sound. You can see a table with two chairs here; a bookcase and a large mirror stand to the west. A door leads south.
You notice that you're not wearing anything at all.

You get on all fours and try to blend in with the Corgis.
 They don't pay any attention to you though.
A distant howl makes you jump back into your body. "Ahh!" you say as you realize what's going on. The corgis have noticed you now, and are heading right toward you.

You hide under 50 pairs of Cory from AIPD's pants.
 There seems to be no end to them.
"Shit," says the corgi in the lead. He takes a step forward, but then he notices something strange about his foot. It suddenly slips out from underneath him, causing him to stumble and fall over.

The corgi flies into the air as a tree springs back, holding the corgi in a snare. Jumping down from the treeline is Mr Body, world famous bushmaster fitness instructor and dog trainer.

Mr Body leaps off the treeline after the corgi. He brings his hand down on top of the corgi, sending it flying through the air like a ragdoll.
The corgi lands hard on the ground and lets out a loud yelp.

You look toward the horizon and see the mastermind behind the corgi menace, Cesar Milan.
 He is standing there, hands on hips, looking smug.
Cesar has just caught one of the corgis in his arms. He turns away from you to face the corgi.
But before he can do so, he gets tackled by another corgi.

With a single painful cry, you watch as Cesar is ripped limb from limb by the corgi. The bloodlust takes over the corgis as they turn to look at you and Mr Body.

Their eyes gleam hungrily. You can feel their minds thinking about the delicious taste of human flesh.
As if reading your mind, Mr Body turns around and looks at you. You hear him say:
"Well done."

You remember the words of your grandfather about what to do in this exact situation:

"If corgis attack, run. If corgis chase, fight. But if corgis simply stare at you and smile, it means they want to eat you!"
So you do as your grandpa says.
 You begin running away from the corgis, who are still staring at you and smiling, but not very hard.
You can now see the entrance to the north.
After escaping the corgis, you find yourself in a dark forest.

You and Mr Body use the key to Cory's cottage and spend the night to wait out the Corgis.
 In the morning, you wake up to the sound of rustling leaves and a low growling. You can see two corgis from AIPD's waiting outside the door to Cory's hut.

You arm yourself with whatever you can find in the cottage:
 a small knife and a pair of scissors.
"We'll come back later," the corgis say.
They leave.
You take a moment to check the cottage. Nothing appears to be missing or broken.

You realize the corgis leaving was a trap, when you hear growling coming from under the sink, a corgi emerges with a gun in its mouth and gives a muffled speech:

"I'm gonna make you squeal like a piggy!"
You run towards the nearest exit, which happens to be the other side of the lake. On the way, you decide to try using the gun on the corgis.

A corgi charges you and you have choice but open fire.

The corgi falls over, dead, and you get a bit worried. But then the corgis appear again.
They start shooting you.
You dodge the bullets, but they keep on coming.

Mr Body deadlifts the cottage refrigerator and tosses it at the corgis as he yells at you "get out of here"

The corgis duck and the fridge hits a tree. The tree breaks, and the corgis are caught in a massive booby trap!
You can see a small pond here.

You notice ALL of the corgis are caught in the elaborate trap setup by Mr Body.
 It's a good thing too, because you need some help getting free.
The corgis are being held by the legs while their tails are tied together with a rope.

You ask Mr Body, "What next?"

He replies, "Now we cut them loose."
"I'll go first," says Mr Body as he puts down the gun. Then he walks up to the corgis and grabs the leash of each corgi.

The first corgi Mr Body frees walks over to the gun Mr Body put down, and shoots Mr Body in his body.

The second corgi does the same.
Then the third corgi does the same.
The fourth corgi also shoots Mr Body in his body.
The fifth corgi does the same.

You watch as Mr Body is slowly, but surely turned into human pudding.

The sixth corgi runs up to Mr Body and shoots him in the head.
And then the seventh corgi does the same.
The ninth corgi shoots Mr Body in the eye.

After the 50th Corgi shoots Mr Body, you notice he looks horrible.

"Goodbye, Mr Body," you say.
You walk up to the corgis and grab the leash.
You look at the corgis, and then back at Mr Body.

You say "Now Mr Body....is nobody."

The corgis let out a loud bark, and then they turn into dust.
You bury Mr Body under the porch and take a shovel from behind the shed.
You dig a hole and bury the ashes of Mr Body.