EP 463 – Story #2 – You are Walt Disney and you’ve just awoken from your cryogenic slumber to find Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck smoking weed.

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You are Walt Disney and you've just awoken from your cryogenic slumber to find Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck smoking weed.

Mickey is holding a joint, while his brother has just lit up.  You look at them and wonder what happened to Pluto.  They both notice that you're awake and the two of them start talking about how awesome it will be when they can smoke pot in public.

You are shocked at your creations and you unleash 60s justice upon them.
  The two mice shrink down into mouse form and run away!
You are now back on earth with the rest of humanity.  But it seems like everyone else has gone a bit crazy over this magical drug called marijuana.

You make it your personal mission to free the human race of the weed menace.
  It's time for the war on drugs!
But first...  You look around and see there is nothing here but a blank wall.  Well...
It's time to go home, but before you do...
  You take one last pull off your joint.
You exhale. A cloud of smoke drifts out of your mouth and across the room.
The smoke lingers and hangs in front of you, causing everything within its vicinity to fade until only you remain.

Mickey grabs your shoulder and asks if you're alright. You look Mickey in one of his many faces and say "
I'll be fine."
"You know I'm not really a mouse," he says. "Or a duck either." You shake your head.
"So..." Mickey starts. "How about we do another movie?"

You begin production immediately of "Mickey Mouse and the Great Big Bean Burrito" starring Channing Tatum.

You need to get some work done.
You get up from your chair and leave the office.
You are in your office.
A few weeks later...
Michaelangelo (the turtle) has painted the Sistine Chapel ceiling and Michelangelo (the human) has produced the world famous statue
You are Michaelangelo and you've just awoken from your cryogenic slumber to find Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel ceiling.
Leonardo is making an amazing portrait of himself and Michelangelo is working on a large-scale fresco depicting the Battle of Lep

The Sistine chapel is nearly complete, when Kang busts through the ceiling.

He is furious at the new pope for allowing the Sistine chapel to be completed without him being involved. He attacks the Pope and takes him hostage.
Kang demands that you paint the Vatican's dome in exchange for the Pope's freedom.

Luckily the Pope knows Krav Maga.

You grab a piece of chalk and draw the outline of a giant penis.
You then jump onto Kang's back and proceed to beat the living hell out of him.
Michelangelo and Da Vinci come running into the room as Kang falls lifelessly to the ground.

You snap out of your weed daze and come to reality as Walt Dinsey.  You realize you have just uppercut a nun in front of the Pope.

Mickey and Donald duck your fist and tell you to stop being so violent.
You ask how you should resolve the situation.
Donald suggests that you call a truce.
You agree, but only because you still want to finish your Sistine chapel painting.

You get beers and brats at the local pub.
 Everyone is happy again.
Mickey and Donald also invite you to their secret clubhouse. You accept, and head over there.
You are in the secret clubhouse.
The clubhouse looks like a small shack made out of wood.

John Stamos greets you
"Hey man!" he says. "It's good to finally meet you."
"Likewise," you reply.
"I have been waiting for you to show up since I was a kid.

John puts his hand on your shoulder and says "we have a lot of work to do."

"What kind of work?
"Well... We're going to change the world."