EP 462 – Story #3 – You are Sandra, the first two-time winner of the reality game show “Survivor”. You have returned to the show to attempt to win a third season.

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You are Sandra, the first two-time winner of the reality game show "Survivor".  You have returned to the show to attempt to win a third season.
 The island is much different than it was last time: you'll need to build shelter, find food and water, manage your energy levels, and deal with some pretty nasty animals. Your goal:
 get voted off the island

 Your first night you forage but only end up eating
 one leaf (there's nothing else in the bush). You wake to a terrible dream where you are being hunted by a large beast.
Day 1: Wake up starving. Go foraging. Find nothing edible.
 On the second day, you get to know your fellow contestants.
 There are five men and four women. One man seems pretty sure he has an immunity idol; all other contestants seem willing to vote him out if they think he doesn't have it. The four women seem to be friendly enough… or at least willing to play along.
 You begin to assert your dominance.

Day 2: Everyone goes on a group hunt. They only find small birds, which isn't enough for everyone. While you're hunting, a strange animal attacks. It looks like a bear, but it is far bigger than any bear you've ever seen!
 You run to the other survivors to lure the beast to them.
 Once it has been defeated, it spits out the necklace that had been around its neck. You pick it up and hold it close, hoping it will protect you from the other beasts. In the evening, you hear the sounds of battle outside your shelter.
 You rub your hands together and cackle as the other contestants scream in terror.

Day 3: Everyone goes out looking for more food. You follow them and wait until the group returns to attack. By the time they realize what happened, you've already killed two of their number.
 You convince two of the remaining survivors to serve you, their queen. You order them to kill the other survivors.
 When they refuse, you force the two survivors to do so themselves. You then drag the bodies back to your camp and feast on their flesh.
Day 4: You send the surviving contestants out again, this time with spears.
 The contestants return with
 three small birds. You accept these gifts graciously, though you keep trying to get the others to swear loyalty to you. The other contestants seem content to let you lead them for now.
Day 5: Two of the contestants go missing during the night.

 You go searching for the missing survivors and discover one of their flayed hides hanging from a tree.
 You take it down and sew it into a new shirt for yourself.
Day 6: The remaining contestants finally decide to rebel against you. They attack and capture you. You're forced to watch as they beat and torture several of your fellow contestants.
 The producers pull you aside for a talk
. You tell them about your dreams, your necklace, and the strange animal that attacked you. They agree to help you search for the animals, and to stop the other contestants from killing you.
Day 7: You spend the morning tracking the creatures.
 You find the creatures, then toss them scraps of clothing marked with the scent of the surviving contestants. The creatures bound past you, headed toward the camp.
 You rush after them, throwing rocks and sticks to try to slow them down. The contestants come running over to see what's going on. You tell them the creatures are following the scent of their friends.
 It is a blood bath and Sandra is the last Survivor and winner of the current season!

Day 8: The creatures have killed all six remaining contestants. You're surrounded by piles of dead bodies. A few of the contestants escape and make it back to camp. They report what happened to the cameras.