EP 462 – Story #2 – You are Willow Pill, a drag performer on the 14th season of the reality tv show “RuPaul’s Drag Race”.

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You are Willow Pill, a drag performer on the 14th season of the reality tv show "RuPaul's Drag Race".
 You're currently in the workroom with your fellow contestants and the host. This is your chance to dazzle them! As you walk up onto the stage, we see that one contestant has already arrived—the lovely Ivy Winters.
You immediately challenge Ivy to a pose-off
. She accepts without hesitation. They each choose their favorite runway outfit from last episode; for some reason, this is mostly sequins and sparkles. The camera zooms in on your face as you strut across the stage.
 You slay
 it like nobody's business: your hair is done impeccably, your makeup is perfect, and you have an amazing pair of heels on. Your costume is something out of a dream: a purple satin evening gown covered in feathers and jewels.
 Ivy Winters walks down the runway and you gasp. Ivy is wearing
 a shimmery gold gown with rhinestones all over it. Her hair is sleekly styled in loose waves, and she has a pair of glittering chandelier earrings. You hold your head high, feeling the confidence course through you.
 Ru Paul appears, stares at you and Ivy, then declares
, "The winner of tonight's pose off is Willow Pill!"
We cut back to the real world where RuPaul announces that there will be no elimination today because the judges were so impressed by both performances.
  You decide to take matters into your own hands and cut up all of Ivy's wigs.
 Then you do the same thing to Sasha Velour's. But it doesn't matter anyway, since they're both safe. But you want to make sure no one else gets any ideas about who might win the lip sync competition.
 The next morning, Ru Paul immediately begins fracking on Sasha Velour.
 She's been crying all day, but you know that she'll be fine once she puts her armor on. Meanwhile, Trinity K. Bonet comes up to talk to you. She wants to thank you for saving her life during the runway challenge.
 You ask Trinity to remind you of what happened on the runway.
 Trinity tells you how you saved her when she tripped over Sasha's foot, and then gave her the strength to get through the rest of the runway. You tell Trinity that she was amazing, and that she should consider herself lucky that she only got bruised instead of broken.
  You form an alliance with Trinity and get her to agree to trip Ivy in the lip sync challenge.
 Trinity agrees on the condition that you wear a wig with longer bangs than usual—something that Trinity can grab hold of and pull you to safety if needed. Ivy arrives late to the workroom, so you decide to ambush her before she even enters the room.
 You give a vicious reading of Ivy.
 In the middle of your tirade, Ivy storms into the workroom. She looks furious, and throws her binder on the floor. You smile sweetly at Ivy. Ivy glares daggers at you.
 You begin practicing your runway walking without warming up first and pull a sashay muscle. Frack!
 Ivy wins the lip sync challenge with a flawless performance.

 Everyone cheers and celebrates except for you.
  You lip sync to your song, "

Drag Is Not Abuse." You look absolutely stunning, your hair is done just right, and you have a gorgeous set of wings on. You strut down the runway looking fierce until Ivy steps in front of you.
 You backhand that bitch for attempting to disrupt your performance.
 Ivy grabs your wrist with one hand while she pulls out a gun with another. She points the gun straight at your forehead and fires. Suddenly, the stage explodes with confetti. We cut to black.
 You wake up in the television studio infirmary, and Ru Paul is sitting next to your bed. She is in tears.

"I'm not going to let this happen," you say, clenching your fists. "I won't allow it!"
Ru Paul gives you a sympathetic look. "Willow, I understand.
 But you must realize that this is for your own good. It would be unfair to the other contestants if you had to go home. You've proven yourself on the runway. And you're a huge fan favorite.
 You ask what happened to Ivy. "The police came," Ru Paul says. "And they dragged her away."

Ru Paul continues, "Ivy has a long history of violence against her fellow queens. She's accused of trying to kill several others, including Courtney Act and Pearl. Ivy has also been arrested for shoplifting.
 Ru looks you in the eye and says "she even jaywalks"
 before shrugging his shoulders. "She has no place in the drag community. Her behavior has gotten out of control, and now she's put us all in danger. That is why you must leave the show now."