EP 462 – Story #1 – You are Clayton, star of “The Bachelor”

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You are Clayton, an American sales representative and former football player.  You have been selected to star in season 26 of the reality tv show "The Bachelor".
  Your first night with the girls has come to a close.  The last rose has been given and it is time for you to leave on your date with one of the other bachelorettes.

You take your date to
 a cabin atop a mountain overlooking the sea.  While there, you attempt to make out with her, but she pushes you away. You ask if everything is alright between you two and she says that while she enjoys spending time together, she doesn't feel like anything more.

You think "I know who isn't getting a rose tonight."

She takes off and you go back downstairs to find the rest of the girls. When you get down, you see all of them sitting in front of the fireplace talking about how they don't want you gone yet.

You realize the girls are forming an alliance against you.
  As you watch, you hear one say "I'm going to make sure he gets his heart broken this week."
"What?" you think to yourself.
They tell you that they are going to try to break up with you so that you will be sent home.

You beg the producers to make you seem likeable again.  They agree and the give you a makeover!
  On your way back upstairs to change, you overhear one of the girls tell another girl that they shouldn't let you do your makeover because then you might not break up with him.  Another one says "No way!"
 The girls hop on a bus and run away.

You decide to get some air and walk outside.  A producer comes running up to you and tells you that you can't leave the property without permission from the show's producers.  He gives you a rose and lets you go.
 You awake the next morning to see the film crew has left you. It's 50 miles to the nearest town.

You look around and decide to explore the area.  After wandering for a bit, you stumble upon a small fishing village.  There are no cars or electricity here.  You walk into the local pub and sit down at the bar.
 You trade your last bouquet of flowers for a fishing rod. You begin to make your living off of the sea and forget about your old life.

Several years later, you're married to your wife and have a child.  As you lie in bed after an evening of fishing, you think back on how things used to be.  Your wife brings you a cup of coffee.
  Your eyes start at her gorgeous legs, you look up to see a fish face, your mermaid bride named
 Ariel. She kisses you and places a gaily decorated wedding ring on your finger.
You wake up the next morning and find yourself in a strange room with your fiancee!  You ask her what happened and she tells you that she came across a group of people who were trying to kill you.

  You realize it is all the bachelorettes.
 They are dressed as ninjas and they attack you.
When the dust settles, only you and your fiancée are left standing.  She asks you why you didn't fight back and you explain that you couldn't hurt them.
 Ariel demands that the family move to Atlantis
, which is where you find yourselves now.

You live happily ever after with your princess bride and your son.  You tell them many stories of the adventures you had before they were born.
  Such as
 when you went to the moon, or when you saved an alien race, or even when you met their mother, Ariel.
The End.