EP 460 – Story #2 – You are Dom Domino a game show host reaching middle age.

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You are Dom Domino a game show host reaching middle age. Despite your best efforts to hide it, your age is catching up with you. Tonight the special guest is Trapsy, a DJ you only know vague information out. You quickly skim over their discography as the studio audience walks in.

The lights dim and the music begins, as the contestants are introduced. The first contestant, a handsome young man, enters the stage and is handed a board with seven buttons. He turns to face the audience and raises his hands.

The show is called "Button Time" and one of the seven buttons blows up the stage.  The other six force the host to talk to the celebrity.
 The contestants must buzz in at the end of each round. If they guess correctly, they receive a point, if they guess wrong, the button explodes and the contestant must leave the stage. If no one guesses correctly, the celebrity goes through to the next round.

A klaxon blares and we all know what that means:
 "It's time for button number three!"
Trapsy announces the current contestant, who then takes his place on the stage.
"So this week's contestant is John Doe. John, do you have a question?"

John Doe brandishes a knife and charges you!

You scramble away from him as he cuts himself and starts to bleed profusely. As the audience gasps, you grab the first thing you see to stop the bleeding -- a microphone stand.

You reveal your troubled past to John Doe.
 You explain how you were once an innocent youth who was falsely accused of murder and sentenced to death. A sympathetic judge and jury saved your life, but not your family, as your father had been convicted of treason.

You level up and gain the following oversharing powers:

• Overshare: Gain +2 Charisma, -2 Intellect.
John Doe looks confused by your explanation, but also strangely interested. He asks more about your family and your childhood.
Suddenly there is a knock at the door.

The big button gets rolled out onto stage.  You offer John Doe two options: press the button or don't.
 If John chooses to press it, it blows up. Otherwise, you can continue the story and hope he doesn't press the button.
You choose option #2 and John Doe presses the button.

John pushes the button and studio begins to explode
. The audience screams and you start to panic as you realize the whole room is going to be destroyed.
"I think I'll go ahead and press this button now," John says, looking bored.

John presses the button again in rapid succession with his charred hand setting off more explosions every time he presses it.
 The studio explodes into a giant fireball, which continues to grow larger as the timer runs down. The entire audience is engulfed in flame and the show ends.

You walk onto the stage in a bomb disposal suit and remove the helmet and say "seeya next week!" and then a recording of the audience chanting "Push that button!" plays on loop.

You take the mic stand and use it as a stretcher. The crowd cheers and applauds and the show closes.