EP 458 – Story #3 – You are a wizened wizard of old.

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You are a wizened wizard of old. Comfortably seated in your most glorious of thrones, your eyes are focused on the curvature of the perfect object before you. This is your favorite pasttime and your true purpose - to ponder. With a glazed stare, you watch and ponder what you see in the orb:
 an image of a young girl wearing a simple white dress and holding a basket of flowers. She stands before a tree, surrounded by lush greenery and sunlight. In her hand she holds a small bouquet of flowers, which she places carefully in the tree's branches.
 You call out to the tree and let yourself be known.
 You look down at your hands and see that they have transformed into those of a young woman. Your skin has turned to a youthful hue, and your hair is now long and golden. A smile spreads across your face as you realize who this young woman is.
  It is Navi, the fairy of the tree!
 She waves happily at you, but then notices that you are not smiling. Instead, you seem lost in thought. Navi approaches you and whispers in your ear, "I know why you are so sad, my dear.
"  You call her bluff and say, "Oh yeah?  Why am I sad?"

"Because you do not understand," says Navi. "You cannot see me anymore because you have forgotten who you truly are. But I can help you remember."
You nod slowly and reply, "Yes, you can.
 But I forgot for a reason.  So begone with you!"

Navi does not budge. Instead, she says, "But if you want to remember, you must first open your heart and mind to me. Otherwise, all you will ever see is the past.
 You tire of Navi's words and swat at the fairy with your hand.
 Navi jumps back and disappears from sight. You think about what Navi said, and realize how foolish you have been.  You reach out to the orb and call out to Navi, "I forgive you, Navi.
 Please come back to me."  Navi reappears in front of you and smiles.  She asks, "Are you ready to listen to me now?"
You smile and say, "Yes, Navi
-" But before Navi can speak, Tim Curry runs up next to you and introduces himself
 He looks like he just stepped out of a movie set. He has a long white beard and a pair of dark sunglasses. He takes off his sunglasses and says, "I'm sorry, sir.
"  You offer Tim Curry your orb.
 Tim Curry replies, "No need to apologize. I was simply curious as to what was going on here. My name is Tim Curry, and I am a traveler from the future. I came to this time to warn you about the impending danger that lies ahead."
  Before Tim Curry can inform you of the danger, Gavin, a wizard who craps his pants whenever he performs a spell, shows up.
 He has a strange expression on his face and is carrying a large book. He says, "Excuse me, sir. Are you the wizard that can see the future?"  You tell him, "Yes, I am.
"  You read Gavin's fortune:
 "Your life will be full of magic and wonder, but you'll always find yourself in sticky situations. And you'll never live to see the year 3000."
Tim Curry nods and says, "Well, it seems we're in the same boat, sir.

"  Tim Curry touches the orb and a magical transformation begins turning into
 reality. His beard turns into a flowing mane, his glasses turn into wings, and he transforms into a beautiful elf maiden. He extends his hand to you and says, "My name is Beka.

"  You lean in for a kiss.
 Suddenly, the world around you changes. You are standing in a forest.  The trees are tall and majestic, and there is a gentle breeze blowing through them. There is a light rain falling, and you hear the sounds of birds chirping.
  You try your best to ignore Gavin.

The sound of a thunderous roar breaks the silence. The ground beneath your feet shakes violently. You look behind you and see a massive beast with a long, horned head. Its body is covered in a thick coat of fur.
  You fly off with Tim and leave Gavin to deal with the beast alone.
 As you soar through the air, you marvel at the beauty of your surroundings. The trees are tall and green, and the sky is a brilliant blue.  Tim says, "It's quite nice here.
  The moral of the story:
 Never give up hope.  Always believe that good things are waiting for you."
You touch the orb and a magical transformation occurs. Your beard turns into a flowing mane, your glasses turn into wings, and you transform into a beautiful elf maiden.