EP 458 – Story #2 – You are Benedict Cumberbatch.

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You are Benedict Cumberbatch. Years of playing Sherlock Holmes has given you the intuition of a real detective. Today, someone stole half a burrito from the fridge in your trailer. You put on your jacket and start looking for clues.

Behind every great man there is another even greater woman! Your mother's been trying to get this project off the ground for years but she needs more money before investors will agree. She doesn't have much time left...

> You dust the fridge for clues.

Dust covers everything. No fingerprints or other physical evidence that could help solve the crime. But if only there was something to examine with some kind of magnifying glass....
The closet seems like a likely place, as it holds many different articles of clothing.

> You find a production assistant hiding in your closet and you sensually describe burrito.

"What do I care about the details? It tastes delicious." The girl looks at you blankly. "That's all that matters," you say, taking her hand in yours. "Now..."

"So this burrito, it was absolutely stunning in it's form. The physique
, the taste -- perfect, flawless. Then one day out of nowhere, somebody comes along and steals my masterpiece!" She begins sobbing uncontrollably now.
Your lips quiver slightly under the mask.

You discover you are looking for a serial burrito thief, your prime suspects are Tony and Cory, a couple of guys who decided to not show up to tonight's AIPD stream.
 They're both really into their burritos too. You think they may be the ones behind this heinous act.
This is a serious matter.
You head back home to tell everyone what you've discovered.

You confront Tony and Cory and reveal your troubled past.

They immediately begin apologizing profusely; it turns out that these two were responsible for the theft. When asked why, they simply replied, "It looked so tasty."
But how did you know?!

"Elementary, my dear burrito thieves! I
 just knew it was you because your faces look very similar when you eat food."
Tony and Cory burst into tears. This has been a hard few days for them after all. In light of such terrible circumstances, you decide to give them an opportunity.

You give them each an opportunity to produce a replacement burrito of equal or greater value.
 If either fails, you'll call the cops on him/her. Otherwise you let it slide.
You are Benedict Cumberbatch. You're wearing black clothes today. Your hair is long again.

Tony and Cory present their respective burritos:
 Tony is eating his own creation which appears to be made entirely from raw meat, while Cory eats a huge burrito.
Their creations are quite impressive.
After tasting both, you declare them acceptable.

That night, you suffer from food poisoning
Tony and Cory return to work the next day, but you feel bad enough that you can't make any public appearances. Fortunately, no one knows who you are anyway. So you take some sick leave, recover slowly, then eventually return to work.