EP 458 – Story #1 – Releasing you from the secret compartment in his hat, Shakes carefully sets you down in the infamous Palace of The Queen of England.

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"Alright, BoBo," Shakes says with his signature gap-toothed smile. "You know what to do!"
Releasing you from the secret compartment in his hat, Shakes carefully sets you down in the infamous Palace of The Queen of England. All around you the resplendent opulence shines. From the polished marble floors to the priceless paintings that hang from every wall, baroque finery is in no short supply here. It seems like every table and candlestick is covered in gold leaf—pearls and gemstones of every color are laid in every article that lines these massive halls. Your tiny ape brain is overloaded with the sheer amount of 'shiny' all around you.
Remembering your training, you regain your composure and focus on Shake's gnarled fingers as he brings your attention back to him.
"'Ere's the deal, BoBo," Shakes whispers. "The Queen is entertainin' guests. It's the perfect chance to nick 'er wig. You'll know it when you see it. A grand, tall thing. Big as you, at least; with gold and jewels in it. You've got to wait for her to let her guard down and grab it. Come back to me an' we'll hoof it outta 'ere."
You nod in agreement, ready for the task at hand. Looking around, you hear the sound of multiple female voices laughing in a room down the hall. Could that be where The Queen and her wig are?
 You can't help but think about the opportunity you have here. If you're lucky, you could even get away with stealing more than one wig!
"I'll find 'er, Shakes," you whisper.

> You enter the noisy room and find
 the Queen in conversation with several young ladies. You listen carefully to their words.
"I'm sure you're aware of my plans to marry Prince Arthur," she tells them.
"Oh yes," they chime.

> You check out the amount of wigs in this splendid room.

"He is the future king, after all," the Queen continues. "And I want to make sure that he gets the best."
One of the women looks at you and giggles. "A monkey?
> You play up the cuteness and slowly get closer and closer to the Queen.

"Why, thank you, Madam," you say with a bow.
The Queen laughs again and pats your head. "That's quite the compliment, young monkey. Now, if you don't mind, I must keep my audience entertained."

> You offer to be the entertainment for the night and immediately break into song and dance.

Your movements are met with a thunderous applause and the Queen takes notice. "You're quite talented, little monkey," she says. "Perhaps you'd like to join us tonight, as our guest of honor?"

> You accept and wear your best monkey tuxedo to the dinner.
  You forget all about Shakes.

"Come along, children," the Queen calls out. "Let's feast!"
Bozo awoke to the sounds of birds singing. The air was fresh and cool, and a pleasant breeze wafted through the trees.

> You level up and gain the following royal partying powers:

Party Fling (You can now create and throw parties anywhere!)
Icons of Parties (When looking at a party icon, you gain a +10% bonus to skill points earned.)
Hostess Snack (You can now eat snacks while hosting a party!)

> You notice the queen sleeping next you and you lean in for a kiss.

Queenly Kisses (You can give the queen a kiss whenever you wish without any consequences. You are not rewarded for kissing the queen, however.)
Carmilla heard the noise at midnight, just as she always did.

> You confront Carmilla and in a threatening tone let her know that she saw nothing.

"But I did see something," she insists. "Someone's in the house!"
"Hush, hush," you hiss. "It's only me."
She doesn't believe you.

"Oh, maybe there is..." You realize this is the best opportunity to rid yourself of your conman owner, Shakes. You point Carmilla in the direction that you think Shanks is hiding.

"There he is," you whisper. "Upstairs. Hide and watch."
Carmilla slips quietly into the room. She knows you well enough by now to know what you're going to ask of her.

You convince Carmilla to go on a date with Shanks.
 When he leaves the room, you make your move.
"Get up, 
," you whisper. "We're leaving."
Shaking, he climbs to his feet. You've made sure that his shoes are laced tight and hidden beneath the bed.

> You make your escape in the middle of the night with Shanks.  You make sure to raid the wig room before you leave.

"It's time for us to run," you tell him. "Now we can really live free."
"What?" He asks, confused. "Where to?"
"The world, Shanks.