EP 457 – Story #2 – You are Stockton Frick, collector of Precious Moment statues.

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You are Stockton Frick, collector of Precious Moment statues.
 You own a house in the hills overlooking Los Angeles and have been living there for many years. Your wife has recently died, but your collection is still here; you've just started going through it all to find some pieces that can be sold or given away as gifts.

You decide you can't sell any of them and smash all your Precious Moments except for one:
 "The Kiss". It's a statue with two people kissing (one male, one female) and it makes you sad whenever you look at it because the couple reminds you so much of yourself and your late wife, Sarah.

> You bury "The Kiss" in your wife's coffin.

It would be too disrespectful to do this while her body was lying around. The best thing to do right now is keep things as they are until she passes on completely. That way if she does get buried somewhere near, maybe then you'll have an excuse to visit her grave regularly enough

> You come back with a spirit board and the first toy you find at the dollar store, a:

A small plastic skeleton. You place the bones atop the casket, then take out your pocket watch -- which happens to also function as a talking-board when properly wound up. When you touch its face, it says "Hello!"

> You ask "Sarah, is that you?"

Yes! No! Yes? No... Who am I talking to again...? What did you say my name was anyway? Oh, it doesn't matter, what do you want? Are you a ghost from beyond the grave?

> You say "Spell your name."

Her eyes pop open wide as she realizes who she is speaking to! She gasps in surprise before saying "...Sally!" Then she asks: "Why'd you put me under? Why didn't you wake me up!?"

> You explain your plan to Sally
 about getting revenge by haunting people and stealing their souls.
Well, why not!? This sounds like fun. Let's go haunt someone together tonight. But only once we're dead, mind you.

> You get grabbed by the ghosties.

Oh no, they got us! There were too many of them! We had no chance! They dragged our corpses into the graveyard and threw stones at us until we were nothing more than smears on the ground!

> You awaken as if from a deep sleep, and see yourself on a tall wooden platform looking out over a giant living room. Your soul is locked in the precious moment kiss statue.

This is where it ends. The dream fades. Now it is time to wake up.
When you finally emerge from your slumber, you realize that it wasn't just a bad nightmare after all.