EP 454 – Story #2 – You are a detective.

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You are a detective. You wake up in a dirty office. The door opens and in walks
 your boss, Mr. Black. He is not happy with you because of the way things went last night. "I am very disappointed," he says to you. "If I were you, I would be ashamed."

> You file a complaint about Mr. Black with human resources.

"Well, that's all well and good for him to say -- but what can we do?" asks one of the other detectives who was there last night. "We're just pawns here!
> You suddenly remember what happened last night.

The police have found out where they think the bodies came from: a place called the House on the Hill. It turns out this house has been abandoned since the 1970s when it got caught up in some kind of scandal involving an occult cult or something like that.

> You open your desk drawer and find a fully loaded gun from the house on the hill.

It looks like you've stumbled into quite the mess!

 There seems no choice but to go after those bodies yourself...
Now, if only you could get rid of that annoying little voice inside your head telling you to run away as fast as possible.
(This is a dream sequence.)

> You get on a sled and chase the bodies downhill.

Your sled breaks down halfway through the journey and you realize that you will never catch them before sunrise. But then you see someone running toward you, and you know you'll make it in time.

> You notice it is Jason, a charismatic streamer, running towards you at inhuman speeds.

He stops short, however, and instead offers his hand. "Hiya, pal!" he shouts. "How ya doing? I'm Jason, the guy who runs Twitch!"

Jason hauls you on your sled until you catch up with the bodies.
 They seem more interested in talking than fighting now, so you don't need to shoot anyone today.
Suddenly, you hear a loud noise behind you. It sounds like somebody breaking into your room.

[It's two hours until sunrise.]

A man wearing a ski mask bursts into view, holding a gun. As he comes closer, you recognize him as Mr. Black. His eyes glow red and he starts shooting at you.

You are saved by Tony, Jason's equally charismatic adopted son.
 He jumps onto your sled and saves you from being shot.
Tony takes over driving duties while Jason goes off to help the others. Before long, you reach the bottom of the hill.

[It's now 1 hour until sunrise.]

The snow is getting heavier now; the wind is picking up. You start to wonder how much longer you can keep going.
But then you spot a small cabin ahead of you. A sign reads "Hospitality House".

"Nice try bodies," you say to yourself. You enter the house.

Inside, the lights flicker and the walls begin to shake. Suddenly, you feel something cold touch your face.
Before you can react, the ground begins to rumble.
The ceiling collapses, burying you under tons of rubble.

A hand reaches into the rubble and pulls you out. Your rescuer is none other than Mr. Black.

"Sorry about this," he says. "I had to stop you from killing my daughter."
Mr. Black hands you a shovel. "Dig me out!" he orders.
You dig and dig.

You find Mr's Black daughter.  It is now 20 minutes until sunrise.

As soon as she sees her father, the girl screams and tries to flee.
But Mr. Black grabs her and drags her back to the hole you dug.
"There's no escape for you, dear," he tells the girl.

The sun rises and you throw down your shovel and point your gun at Mr Black.  You shoot and he falls backwards into the grave you've just dug.

Then everything goes black.