EP 453 – Story #2 – You are a goblin princess in a tower in an underground castle and the soup was toooo cold

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You are a goblin princess in a tower in an underground castle and the soup was toooo cold
Goblin Princess In A Tower In An Underground Castle
You wake up, groggy, with your nose full of cold air. There is a window open somewhere high up above you.

> You climb up a vine to the window and peer outside.

Outside, it's night time again. The moon shines through some trees on the horizon. It's dark out there. You hear something moving around.
Where did that noise come from? Wasn't there supposed to be someone here?

> You call out to the cook who's supposed to be there with you. "Horton? Is that you? Do you have my reheated soup?"

No answer. Maybe he left. If so, you can get back at him by stealing all his food later tonight when he leaves for work.
But first things first: Where is your lunch?

> You realize you set your soup down a moment ago and it is now gone.  There is someone else here with you.

A man-like figure suddenly appears behind you, startling you so much that you drop the knife in surprise. He has no eyes but wears goggles over his head instead -- they look like thick glass eye protectors.

> You level up and gain the following soup knife skills:
  -stab +10%, stab +20%
The man laughs and says, "Ahoy! My name is Goggles, Captain!" Then, he puts on another pair of goggles, these ones having lenses made of glass rather than clear plastic or film.

> You ask Goggles to reheat your soup.

"Yes, yes I can do that," he says happily, then turns to the pot. As he heats up your bowl of soup, he explains about himself:
"I used to run away from home as a little kid, because I had nothing to eat."

> You offer Horton a single spoonful of your soup.

"Sure thing, sailor. Here ya go!" he exclaims and offers you a bite.
It tastes good, although you don't want to risk taking any more just yet. Your stomach might explode if you're not careful.

> You lean in for a kiss.

Captain Goggles kisses you. It feels odd. Not bad though.
What was that? Something felt off...
He must have put something funny into this soup somehow. Now that you think about it, how did you even end up kissing him in the first place?

> You say "Mr. Goggles, if I didn't know better, I'd say you were here for more than soup."

"Well..." He blushes slightly. "Y'know what they say, 'If the shoe fits.'"
Captain Goggles In A Tower In An Underground Castle
You woke up, feeling very strange.

> You wake up from a passionate night of knob gobblin.

In fact, you feel dizzy enough that you need help standing up. That's okay; you'll take it easy today and let Goggles fix you a meal.
After a while, Goggles brings you some dinner.

Goggles brings you your favorite food:
 stewed rabbit and potatoes.
While you are eating, he tells you how he got here.
"One day I realized I needed something different to live for. So, after saving up a bit of money from my job as a ship's cook, I bought myself an old boat and took off

You look up from your stew and garble through bites "I think this is moving too fast."

"...you sure?" asks Goggles.
You nod. "Yeah, sorry Mr. Goggles, it seems like we've gotten really close recently. But I'm just a lowly peasant girl, and I guess I just can't keep doing stuff like this without thinking about the consequences."

Goggles slaps his palms together and says "well, got what I wanted." and leaves, but deep down Goggles is heartbroken.

Later that night, he tries to kill himself with a knife, but is interrupted by his master.
That morning, however, when Goggles gets up, he looks in the mirror and sees that his face has changed.

Now Goggles lives forever. And he knows what true love truly means.
Captain Goggles In A Tower In An Underground Castle
This is a dream sequence. Or maybe it is reality.