EP 452 – Story #2 – You are Doom Guy, slayer of demons.

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You are Doom Guy, slayer of demons. It's date night, and you have decided to do an escape room with your girlfriend. She's pretty smart, so you have chosen the most difficult room in town. It's pirate-themed.
 The captain's cabin. You are on your way there when the power goes out. You open the door, and find yourself in a dark hallway. It's pitch black, and you don't know what is waiting for you.

You run your hands along the walls feeling for a switch while you are ankle deep in water.

You find a switch which turns on some lights. You see that the entire area is flooded.
Now it is time to make a decision: stay in the cabin or explore the rest of the ship.

You ask your girlfriend if she has any ideas.
 She says "We can always turn back."
"That's not the kind of choice I was looking for," you say.
You go north.

You run into Hollow Bones, the ship's
You tell him you have come to kill him.
Hollow Bones laughs at you and tells you that you are no match for him.
You tell Hollow Bones you will take him on his word, and fight him one-on-one.

Hollow Bones whispers to you, "Hey, I'm just a hologram here to help you with the puzzles..."

He laughs, "I am so glad you asked me! You should never be afraid to ask for directions!"
"Can't we just play by the rules?" you ask.
Hollow Bones replies, "Oh, sure!

Hollow Bones gives you a riddle:

"A pirate, a skeleton, and an old man walk into a bar. The bartender asks them why they're there. What does he say?"
You answer, "Why don't you ever get a good night's sleep?"

You then begin wailing on Hollow Bones.
 You are far more powerful than he is, and soon he is dead.

Your girlfriend finds a clue:

"A skeleton walks into a bar. The barman says, 'Hey buddy, how about buying us all a drink?'"
She goes through the door. You follow her, but it leads to another room filled with treasure.

You shake the blood off your knuckles and ask your girlfriend what she wants for dinner.

You hear someone calling you.
You turn around, and find yourself face to face with Hollow Bones, alive again!

Hollow Bones face is crushed beyond recognition, you only recognize him from his name tag.  He sheepishly hands you the key to leave.

"Now, if you'll excuse me," Hollow Bones says as he begins walking away, "I have a lot of work to do..."
You ask your girlfriend what she thinks. She says that she doesn't know who you are anymore.

You ask Hollow Bones, "Can we get a victory picture?"

"Of course," Hollow Bones replies.
"Let's make this the last time we see each other."
"Sure, whatever. I'm just glad you asked me!"
You and Hollow Bones stand next to each other, smiling for the camera.

You head towards your car: a
 black sports car, parked on a beach. You drive off.