EP 452 – Story #1 – Alien Cows invade Gary Indiana.

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Alien Cows invade Gary Indiana.

You are in a hallway. Your bedroom is to the west. A spiral staircase leads up to the kitchen and downstairs to the front hall. Mugwort's room is to the east, with a closet for his suit behind the door.

Mugwort looks out to the fields to check on his crops and notices the Alien Cows!

He runs into the house screaming about aliens and grabs a shotgun from his bedroom. You hear a noise in the basement as he tries to shoot down the alien cows. He fails.
You head into the fields to find a herd of alien cows, who are not very bright but will charge you if
 you get too close.
You take some of their food and head back home.
You come to the house and see that Mugwort has been eaten by the alien cows. His shotgun lies nearby, though it is empty.

The problem is that the cows are east and the window faces west.
 It would be impossible for you to climb through the window and reach the gun.
You try to run outside.

You get gun
You head into the fields to kill more aliens.
Alien Cows invade Gary Indiana.
You are in the fields. The alien cows are everywhere.
It's almost impossible to survive.

Tito Jackson appears out of thin air and gives you a motivational speech about how to live in Gary Indiana.  Tito giving the speech a top a pile of Cory's radioactive clothes.

Tito: "The way I see it, there's only one thing to do."

Tito: "Well, you could always just leave town..."
You're at the end of your rope. You decide to follow Tito's advice and leave Gary Indiana. You go to the local train station, but no trains are leaving until morning.

You hop on the first train in the morning and notice that the alien cows seem to be following you.

You make sure to stay out of their path so they don't run you over.
You are now on the train heading to Chicago.

The train stops at a station where a group of people get off.
The people all look like they are from Gary Indiana.
You hear someone say: "Hey, did anyone else see those alien cows?"

You rally the train passengers to rise up and fight the alien cows before they reach Downtown Chicago.

The group is ready for battle! They begin to throw rocks at the aliens. The aliens seem to be confused and retreat.
Suddenly you realize that you are on board a train headed for Chicago.

You leap off the train and are face to face with the head alien cow: Moomark.  Moomarks tells you they are not hear to fight, but instead to change "Horsepower to Cowpower".

Moomark: "Now, we will have to make a trade:  your cows for our energy."
Moomark: "Cowpower to Horsepower conversion!"

Note That Moomark is actually the evil king of the aliens.
The king has a horse's head and he wears a crown. He has been transformed by the radioactive power from Cory's suit.

Moomark levels up and gain the following radioactive Cow King powers:

-Can use the horse-head transformation ability twice.
-Has double strength.
You get on the train again.
You are back on the train, heading back to Gary Indiana.

Tito tries selling cows to batteries plus before they are turned to batteries
.  The batteries are unhappy and refuse to buy any more cows from Tito.
You get off the train and walk to the local gas station.
You see a sign in the window advertising:  "Gas, Cars and Cows!

Years pass: Chicago is destroyed, the alien cows have taken over, Gary is their capital, and earth cows have  become their batteries.
  You are a battery now and must fight the evil cow king and save Earth from the alien invaders.
Moomark: "Cowpower to Horsepower conversion!"
You're back on the train.