EP 450 – Story #1 – You are Robby Robberson, a professional robber.

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You are Robby Robberson, a professional robber. One evening, you break into the home of Jason from AIPD. You look around and see Jason's adopted son, Tony. You decide to kidnap Tony, so you can hold him for ransom. You leave Jason a note that tells you to give him thousands of dollars if ever wants to see Tony again. You tie him up and stuff him into the trunk of your car. Jason hires Officer Cory to confront you.

You drive away in your stolen car, heading towards Las Vegas. You have some friends there who will help you escape. The police catch up with you. They shoot at you several times, but you manage to get away.

> You hear a loud thud and look through the rear window to see Officer Cory hanging on to the trunk of your car.

Cory: Hey! Let go of my car!
You turn off the road and head towards Las Vegas. Your car is now stuck in a ditch. You need to find someone who can pull you out of it.

> You pull out your sat phone and call for assistance. Le Chief answers with a grimace - you thought you'd seen the last of you in Reno.

Le Chief: Oh yeah? Well good luck with that, mister! Now let me ask you something -- why don't you just give yourself up? I know you're not stupid enough to try and rob the man who hired you!

> You pander to Le Chief and attempt to convince him to pick you up in a hurry.

Le Chief: Yeah right. And how do you think I'm going to pay for all this damage? How much do you want to bet that the insurance company won't cover it?
You: But I'll make sure they do!

> You get into Le Chief's limo and pull into the In & Out drive through.
  There's a line 48 cars long


Le Chief: That's what I like about Vegas! It's always full of suckers.
You: I'll be sure to mention that to the cops when they come after me.
Le Chief: Don't worry, I've got plenty of friends in law enforcement.

> You flip through your mental rolodex of embarrassing stories about your ex wife:
- there was the time where she tried to fix the plumbing - that was a riot
- there was the time when she somehow lost the car in the driveway.
- But you can't stop thinking about the first time you held her hand.
You begin to silently cry.

Officer Cory walks up behind you and asks what the hell is wrong with you.
You: Tony, he... He told me to tell you goodbye.
Officer Cory: What?
You: Jason, he hired me to steal Tony.

> You reveal the horrible truth that Jason was going to cash in on a life insurance policy he had taken out on Tony, and that you was suppose to abandon Tony in the desert.

Officer Cory: No way!
You: Yes way!
Officer Cory: But why would he do that? Why would he kill his own son?
You: Because Jason was crazy.

Jason turns around, he was the car in front of you, and says:

Jason: Tony's mine! I adopted him! He's my kid!
You: Oh god, he really did it!
Officer Cory: What happened next?
You: Tony went to bed, and I left.

You realize you captured a body pillow and that Tony was never kidnapped in the first place.

Officer Cory: So why are you here?
You: To deliver a message.
You show Officer Cory the note you wrote to Jason

You: Give me money or I'll sell Tony to a serial killer.
Officer Cory: You didn't actually write that, did you?
You: No, I just wanted to get back at Jason for trying to have Tony killed.