EP 448 – Story #3 – You are Zachary Henson, a man who has decided to throw Jason a birthday party despite knowing he hates Birthdays, cake and parties.

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You are Zachary Henson, a man who has decided to throw Jason a birthday party despite knowing he hates Birthdays, cake and parties. Your worried that Jason will go into a rage once he arrives at the Party venue, an old abandoned Warehouse just outside of Detroit.
 You have a few minutes before Jason gets there, so you decide to do some work on your own car. You open up the hood and start looking for something to fix. There is no engine in the back, but you find a toolbox full of spare parts.

You use the following spare parts to create an engine from scratch:

(1) A small block Chevy V8 Engine with over 500 horsepower. (2) An intake manifold made out of aluminum alloy tubing. (3) Two turbochargers. (4) A nitrous oxide system.

You realize if Jason hates his party, you can make a quick escape.
 So, you head down south to see what else this place has to offer. You walk through the door and notice a large room filled with tools. It looks like the kind of workshop you would expect to find in a garage.

Jason steps out of the shadows and says, "Looking for something?"
 He holds up a wrench.
"Yeah," you say. "I was wondering if I could borrow one of these."
He smiles and hands you a wrench. "That's my favorite tool!"

You put a bow on the wrench, hand it back, and say, "Happy Birthday!"

"Thanks! I'll be sure to return it when I'm done."
You take off down the road and drive as fast as you can to get away from Jason. You reach the end of the street and see a sign reading, "The Broken Road".

Jason pulls up next to you in a child's wagon with a hemi engine.  You know what this means, it's time to race!

"Ready?" Jason asks.
You nod and pull ahead. The two cars tear down the dirt path, and soon you're neck-and-neck. But then, suddenly, Jason's car breaks down.

You see him jump from the child's wagon onto the hood of your car!
 He throws a hammer at you and yells, "Get ready to die, Henson!"
You try to turn around, but Jason hits you with another hammer. You lose control of the wheel, and your car flips upside down.

The car has secret wings, meaning its a car-Plane, and you fly into sky with Jason still on the hood clutching for dear life.

You crash through the roof of a building and fall into a river. You land on the shore, and you hear a voice coming from behind you.
"Oh no... Not again..."
You look up and see the same old woman from earlier standing above you.
 She wears a yellow dress and carries a basket full of flowers.
"I knew it was too much to hope for," she says. "But I had to try."
She sets her basket down and reaches into her pocket.

She pulls out a gift for Jason.  Jason opens it and sees:

A set of keys to a very nice house.
You ask, "What did you give me?"
"Nothing," she replies. "It's all about you, Jason."
You feel bad for the old woman.

You realize she's given up her house to an ungrateful Jason. You say, It's my birthday!

"Well, Happy Birthday to you too!" She laughs.
You ask, "Can I buy it from you?"
She smiles. "You can buy anything you want, Jason. Anything at all.

You pull yourself up by your bootstraps and take that old woman's advice.  You become rich and buy yourself:

An entire island paradise.
A castle.
A mansion.
A yacht.
A private jet.
And a giant pile of money.
You arrive home to find Jason sitting in your living room.
 He stands up when he sees you.
"Where were you?" Jason asks.
"Out having fun."
Jason grabs you by the collar and yells, "Why didn't you tell me you were rich?!"

You buy Jason what he's wanted more than anything in life: a
 big fancy birthday party. You hire a team of waitresses, caterers, and musicians. You also invite everyone you know, including:
Your parents.
Your friends.
Jason's best friend, Lenny.

You gift Jason at this big birthday bash the keys to a hardware store that specializes in wrenches.

You show him the keys and say, "Here's your present."
He takes the keys and says, "Now I can finally start fixing things up."
You say, "You can fix anything."