EP 446 – Story #3 – You are Elizabeth Holmes, CEO of Theranos.

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You are Elizabeth Holmes, CEO of Theranos. You have successfully convinced investors that you have made a blood testing machine that can run a full blood test with a single drop of blood, although no such machine exists.
 However, you have developed the technology yourself and now own the patent. The device is actually quite simple: it uses electricity to separate out red blood cells from white blood cells, then uses another electrical current to measure oxygen levels in both types of blood.

Although the machine worked, her thirst for human blood can not be satiated. She constantly needs more for her blood lust.
 You need to keep up your cover story about creating a new type of blood testing machine so that she will continue funding you. You must also convince the board members of your company that you are doing well and that they should give you more money.

In the board room meeting, her eyes can't stop meeting Henry Kissinger's meaty jowls. After the meeting, she stops him in the parking lot.
 "Henry," she says, "I've been thinking."
"Yes?" he asks.
She pulls out a syringe filled with his own blood. "Here, take this back to your lab and analyze it.

She pushes the entire syringe of his blood directly into her mouth.
 Her tongue laps at the liquid as if tasting its flavor. She swallows it down.
"What did you find?" he asks.
"It tastes terrible!" she exclaims. "But I think I know what it is."

She says she tastes war crimes in Henry's blood. Metallic with the tears of orphaned Cambodian children.

"So, what do we do?" asks Henry.
"We'll need to get some samples from other people," she replies.
"How many?" asks Henry.
"All of them," she says.

She grabs Betsy DeVos as she is about to get into her car, puts the syringe in to the bulging vein in her neck, and tastes it.

The taste of Betsy's blood is unmistakable. It is sweet like honey, but it has a bitter aftertaste. She knows immediately what it means.
"I found her!" she shouts triumphantly.

She grabs Betsy DeVos and brings her into the underground lair of the Theranos headquarters. Her and Sunny Dalwani hypnotize her and say "You will be the Secretary of Education.... You will be the Secretary of Education..."
 over and over again until Betsy begins to believe their words.
She makes Betsy watch videos of the children being killed by the Khmer Rouge and shows her pictures of the orphans who were forced to work in the fields and then starved to death.

Eric Prince, the CEO of Blackwater Private Security Firm and brother of Betsy Devos charge into the lair and have her and her cohorts surrounded.
 They attack her and attempt to kill her.
You grab Eric Prince and force him to look into the mirror as you hold a knife to his throat. He screams in terror. "Look into the mirror," you say.

The mirror is empty, Eric and Elizabeth are nowhere to be seen.

You let go of Eric and he falls to the ground. You pick up the mirror and stare into it. There is nothing there. No one.
"Where are they?" you ask.

You hold Eric down and shove a syringe full of Kissinger's blood into his mouth.
 He thrashes wildly on the floor.
"They're gone!" you shout. "You've lost them!"
"I don't understand," he pleads.
He's terrified, but he's also confused.

You say "The blood must flow then." And you strangle Eric.

You pull out the needle and he gasps for air. His face turns purple and he convulses. You say, "You can't have my blood!"
His eyes roll back in his head and he dies.