EP 445 – Story #3 – You are Gavin Goodrocket, a director who’s spent four years working on the greatest film of your career.

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You are Gavin Goodrocket, a director who's spent four years working on the greatest film of your career. After finishing the film, you present the film to a crowd of critics. You are excited to see how people will react, until you hear someone in the audience, named Tony, yawning. Tony yawns throughout the opening credits. After watching the first fifteen minutes of your film, Tony walks out of the theater and sneaks into a room that's showing an R-rated film. You follow Tony.

The movie is called The Day the Earth Stood Still. It stars Michael Rennie as Klaatu, the alien ambassador who comes to warn humanity about an impending invasion from outer space.

As you watch Tony, he doesn't yawn once.
 In fact, he seems enthralled by the film. But when the movie ends, he stands up and leaves without saying anything. You're left wondering if he enjoyed the movie or not. You decide to ask him later.

You pull a survey out of your pocket and throw it at Tony.
 He picks it up and reads: "I liked the film."
"So did I," you say. "It was one of my favorites growing up. I think we could make a sequel, but I want to do something different with it.
> You tell Tony, "Tony, first, you yawned during my film, then you sneak into an R-rated film? I'm going to tell your legal guardian, Jason, about this."

Tony looks at you strangely.
"I know what you mean," Tony says. "My father had me watched by an organization for over two years. They were trying to determine whether I'd become a serial killer.
 But they don't watch anything anymore."

You stare at Tony. "What?"
"They've disbanded. My dad said that after all these years, he's tired of being watched. And now, no one knows where I am.
> You ask "did they ever find out if you're a serial killer?"

"No," Tony says. "But I haven't killed anyone since then either."
You're stunned by this revelation. "Then why did you need to be watched?"
"To make sure I wasn't dangerous.
> You say "I want to make a documentary about your murders."

"Really?" Tony asks. "Why?"
"Because I think there's something wrong with your family. I think they have some kind of sickness. I want to show the world that."
"I don't understand," Tony says.

> You say "And I would like to call it Criminal Yawns: Sleeper Cell."

"What does that mean?" Tony asks.
"I'm just brainstorming here," you say. "I'll let you know when I come up with something better."
"Okay," Tony says.

> You say "Stop playing dumb Tony. We both know what you did."

"What?" Tony asks.
"You sneaked into that R-rated movie. You can't deny it."
"But I didn't!" Tony protests. "I went to see a romantic comedy.

You accuse "Oh yeah?! What's it called?" Tony says "
Dirty Dancing."
"That's not even a movie!" you shout. "It's a TV show!"
"Whatever," Tony says. "I saw the R-rating and walked out.

You secretly follow Tony to his next killing.
 You wait outside as he enters the building and waits for him inside. A moment later, he emerges carrying a woman in a red dress. She has long black hair, green eyes, and a body that makes you drool.

Tony slips on your drool and the woman is saved!

"Thank you," she says. "Who are you?"
"I'm sorry," Tony says. "I couldn't help myself."
"I know," she says. "I saw you at the theatre earlier.
> You ask "Lady, what did you think of my movie?"

"I thought it was wonderful," she says. "I love dancing."
"Do you know how to dance?" you ask.
"Yes," she says. "Would you like to see me dance?"

You and Tony watch the woman dance.
 Her movements are graceful and fluid. As she dances, her skirt billows around her legs and reveals a glimpse of smooth skin.
After the woman finishes dancing, you ask Tony "How about it, Tony?

You and the woman watch Tony dance.
 His movements are clumsy and awkward.
"Can you teach me to dance like that?" Tony asks.
"Maybe," you say. "I'll let you know when I get back to my hotel room."

You slip Tony a key to your hotel room.

When you return to your hotel room, you lock the door behind you and go into the bathroom. You strip off your clothes and take a shower. You soap yourself up, scrubbing every inch of your body.

Tony joins you.
 He soaps himself up and starts rubbing your chest.
"You know, you're very good at this," you say.
"I've been practicing for a while," Tony says.
"You know, I'm not really interested in sex right now," you say.

> You say "I want to teach you to dance."

"Sure," Tony says. "Let's do that."
You start teaching Tony how to dance. You teach him the steps slowly, guiding him through each movement.
"Now try it," you say.

Tony starts to dance and slips on the bar of soap.

You and Tony watch Tony dance. His movements are clumsy and awkward.
"I think we should stop," you say. "I don't think you're ready to learn how to dance."

You yawn at Tony's dance.

"I think you need more practice," you say.
"Are you tired?" Tony asks.
"No," you say. "But I think you need to rest."
"Okay," Tony says.