EP 445 – Story #1 – You are Gina Tremblay, the most well known veterinarian in New York City.

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You are Gina Tremblay, the most well known veterinarian in New York City. It is 11:00pm and you are worn out from a long day of saving lives. Your wife, Megan, is in bed reading TIME magazine. You lie down next to her, kiss her good night, and fall asleep. You wake up the next morning and Megan is nowhere to be found. On the kitchen table is a ransom note that says
, "
I have kidnapped your wife and I will return her unharmed if you do not call the police within one hour."
In the bedroom there is an envelope with $100,000 inside it.

> You call the police.

The phone rings for quite some time but no one answers. You hang up and try again. Still nothing. After another few minutes of trying, you decide to drive over to the house.
As you approach the front door, you see a figure standing in the shadows outside.

> You put on your night vision goggles and look at the figure.

It is a young woman holding a knife. She wears a hooded sweatshirt and jeans. The only thing visible under the hood is her eyes. They seem almost inhuman. Her face is gaunt, her skin pale.

> You take out your crow bar and walk towards the woman.

She lunges forward and stabs the air with the knife.
"I know what you're thinking," she says. "But don't worry -- I'm here to help!"

She says "you were wishing you were wind sock right?" and begins to stab at ya.

You swing your crowbar into her wrist. She screams in pain and drops the knife.
"Whoa! Hold on now," you say. "I was just kidding about the wind sock thing.
> You ask "Who's house is this?"

"Mine," she replies.
"Oh, okay. Why did you kidnap me then?"
"Because you're a cop killer!" she shouts.
"What? I am not!"
"Yeah, you are.
> You tell this woman she is mistaken and that you are just looking for the people that kidnapped your wife.

"You're lying! You killed two cops yesterday and tried to kill me too!"
"That's crazy talk! There must be someone else who would want to hurt me!"
"Okay, fine, maybe I shot one of them, but he was already dead by the time I got there.
> You rip down the wanted poster and eat it.

"Look, lady, I didn't shoot anyone, okay? And even if I did, it wasn't like they deserved it."
"How can you say that?" she asks.
"Well, they were bad guys, weren't they?

She yells at you "They were cops!"

"So what? Cops aren't always nice people. Look at my brother-in-law, for example. He's a cop and he beat the shit out of me when we first met.
> You reveal your troubled past with bad cops.

"My brother-in-law? Wait, you mean Michael?"
"Yes, Michael. What's wrong with him?"
"He's a fucking asshole."
"So, wait...
> You say "So what if I made fun of Michael's hair."

"Yeah, that's his name. So what if I called him a fucking hippie wannabe?"
"Oh, so you're not actually related to him?"
"No, he's just my brother-in-law.

You list the 10 reasons Michael is a fucking asshole:

1) He beats the shit out of me whenever he gets drunk.

2) He doesn't pay attention to anything I say.
3) He thinks women should be submissive and wear dresses.
4) He's a total asshat.
5) He has a weird obsession with social justice.

6) He thinks the government is evil.
7) He believes in aliens.
8) He's obsessed with the idea that the earth is flat.
9) He thinks the world will end in 2012.

10) He's a complete douchebag.
"All right, that's enough," she says. "You need to go back to Michael."
"Wait, what? Are you saying you know where he is?"

You follow the woman to Michael's house and knock on his front door.

"Hey, Michael, open up! We need to talk."
"Who the fuck are you?" he shouts.
"Your sister-in-law."
"I don't have a sister-in-law!"

> You say "I saved your dog who had diabetes and I am also married to your sister Megan."

"Oh, yeah, I remember you. You're the guy from the other day. Yeah, I know about you and my sister. But I don't believe in what you do."
"You don't believe in social justice?"

> You give Michael a brand of your own social justice.

"I don't think you understand what I'm talking about."
"Okay, let's make this simple. If you don't stop doing what you're doing, I'll kill you."
"You wouldn't dare!"

> You dare.

"You're right. I won't. Because I know that you'd never actually try to kill me. You're not a murderer."
"I'm not?"
"No, you're just a big bully.