EP 444 – Story #3 – You are Sammy Peckerman, a Documentary Filmmaker who’s making a Documentary about Jason,The head of the AIPD who Hates Birthdays for some reason.

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You are Sammy Peckerman, a Documentary Filmmaker who's making a Documentary about Jason,The head of the AIPD who Hates Birthdays for some reason. Jason is upset that no one invites to any parties because they think he will ruin them. Jason keeps on telling people he only ruins Birthday parties because he hates them, he doesn't ruin other types of Parties.
 You are going to make a Documentary about how you can get along with him without hating his birthday party and prove that everyone has a good time at it. 
You have been invited by Jason to come over and film a documentary about how to be friends with him.

> You accept the invitation and bring a special gift for Jason, a
 box of chocolates. 
You are now in Jason's house. There is an open window above you and a spiral staircase leading down below. The living room is south-west. Your front door is north.

> You look in the living room and see The Chinese Communist Party.

You see The Chinese Communist Party in the living room. It is dressed up as a fortune teller. 
There is also a small table where you can put your gifts if you want to give them to someone else.

The Chinese Communist Party offers to read your fortune. They say "We see great
 things in you."
They then offer to read your fortune again, saying "But we also see great things in Jason."
You ask what great things they see in Jason, but the Chinese Communist Party says that he is a great man.

You ask Jason, "Jason, who is your best friend: Tony, Cory or CodeGeassAnimeFan?"

"I don't have any friends," Jason answers.
You ask him why not. He says "Because I hate my birthday party."
You ask him if he hates all birthdays or just his own.
 He says "Just mine."
You ask him if there's anyone who likes his birthday party. He says "No one."
You ask him if he has ever had a birthday party before.

You level up and gain the following repressed birthday memories:

You see yourself eating cake at your birthday party.
You are playing with your friends and laughing.
You are looking through a telescope and seeing fireworks in the night sky.
You see yourself opening presents on your birthday morning.

You open the biggest box, it is cheddar bay biscuits.
 You eat the first one and feel full.
You take another bite and taste something bitter. You spit it out and throw the biscuit away.
You try to remember what happened next, but you can't.

> You say "Jason, Tony is your adopted son. You should give him a birthday party even if you don't like birthdays."

"I'm sure he would love a party," Jason answers.

You organize birthday party for Tony.
 You decide to have a balloon race in the garden, and invite all your friends.
You tell Tony that he can pick any kind of balloons he wants.
You ask Tony what color he wants his balloons to be.

Tony asks for blue and yellow balloons. You go into the kitchen and find some blue and yellow balloons.
You ask Tony which balloon he wants to ride. He picks the pink one. You tie a string around his wrist and lead him outside.

As you get outside you lose grip of Tony and he begins to float away.
 You run after him and catch up to him. You hold on tight to him and the balloons.
You pull Tony back down to earth and untie the string from his wrist. You then give him the balloons.

Tony holds on to the rest of the balloons and is shot into orbit.
 You watch him fly away.
You look up and see Tony flying high above you. You wave goodbye to him.
You are sad that Tony left. You begin to cry.
You ask Jason if you can still have a balloon race.

Jason nods and hands you a man with jumbo hotdogs for feet.
 You tie a string to the top of his head and attach the other end to the ground. You then give him a big red balloon.

The big red balloon pops.
 You hear a loud pop.
You ask Jason if you can still have a balloon race.
Jason says yes. You start the balloon race and you win.
You ask Jason if you can still have a balloon race.

Jason kindly asks you to leave and calls the police.

You drive home and find your car has been towed. You call your friend and ask her to pick you up.
You go inside your house and see your mom waiting for you. She gives you a kiss on the cheek.


You yell at Jason's mom. You say "Jason's mom, I am going to kill you."
You grab the bottle of wine from the fridge and pour it over Jason's mom. You pour the rest of the bottle onto Jason's bed.

You run outside and smash Jason with the wine bottle and yell "PUNK'D!"

You walk outside and see Jason lying on the ground. His eyes are closed. You ask him if he is ok. He says "I think so."
You ask him if he will be okay.