EP 444 – Story #2 – You are John Snowham, the head of Nintendo of America’s marketing department.

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You are John Snowham, the head of Nintendo of America's marketing department. Recently, your bosses have been focused on increasing sales with the females aged 14 to 55 demographic. Last season's "Bitches Get Switches" campaign was a huge success, and now the shareholders are clamoring for a follow-up. You sit down with your team for the first brainstorming session.
Your job is to come up with a new slogan for Nintendo's next big hit game, which will be released soon. To make things more interesting, you've decided that this time around, you want to target a specific group of women: the "Manly Women".

> You say "This game is inspired by the company AIPD. The head of AIPD, Jason, has some special requests."

The room is silent. Everyone stares at you.
You take a deep breath and continue. "I want to appeal to the manly woman demographic. They're tough, they don't give up easily, and they can take care of themselves.

As you are brainstorming with the team, Manly Woman Joleyne Cujo throws the conference rooms door open and shouts "Hey Boys!
 Let's go out and get us some pussy!" She storms into the room, grabs your hand, and pulls you out the door. As she does so, she slips and falls flat on her face.

This incident gives you your idea for the game:
 Manly Woman vs. Zombies. In the game, players must fight off hordes of zombies while protecting their Manly Woman partner. Each level presents a different challenge, such as climbing ladders or avoiding falling platforms.

You release the game and read some of the reviews:

"The graphics are fantastic, but it's not really about the visuals. It's all about being a real man." - IGN
"It's a great game if you like being rough with women.
 I'm a real man and I love this game." - GameSpot
After reading these reviews, you feel a sense of pride in what you've created. This game will sell millions of copies, and you'll be promoted even further.

You are given a team of your own for your next game, a sequel to the smash hit Manly Women Vs. Zombies 2.
 Your team includes two members of the marketing department (John & Joleyne), one member of the development team (Ethan) and one member of the production team (Karen). You also have the ability to control any other player in the game.

You grind it out, but have a strict "no crunch time" policy. You expect this to enrage your fanbase, but they rally behind you and the hype for your new release is palpable.

You have reached the end of the second chapter of the game, where you must rescue the Manly Woman from the clutches of the evil Zombified Manly Woman. Unfortunately, the Manly Woman has been captured by the evil Zombified Manly Woman.

Manly woman across the world protest the game for you making the manly woman the enemy.
 However, you ignore them and focus on completing the game.
You arrive at the last room of the game, where you find the Manly Woman tied to a chair. You approach the Manly Woman and ask her how she got here.

"My name is Karen," says the Manly Woman. "And I am a real man. So, when my boyfriend asked me to come along with him to this stupid convention, I told him that I would rather go to the convention than spend time with him.

You leave manly woman tied up.
 You walk away, thinking about the new game you're going to create.
A few minutes later, you hear the Manly Woman scream. You rush back to the room and see the Manly Woman free from her bonds.