EP 444 – Story #1 – You are Ulfrik, brewing for the King since your were a little boy, learning from your father Masatok.

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You are Ulfrik, brewing for the King since your were a little boy, learning from your father Masatok. Sour grapes have plagued the lands of the King and the wine has never been truly good. One day, a strange fellow comes to your workshop and introduces himself as Olga and offers you his wine to try. The bottle of wine he brought is something truly different. As soon as your lips touch the wine,
 it fills you with energy. You know that this will be an excellent vintage.
The next day, you take the wine to the King. He is pleased with your find, but not so much with the price.

> You offer the king a limited time deal, "You can get 1 bottle for 100 gold pieces, or 3 for 250?"

He agrees and asks what else you have found. You tell him about the new vineyard. He orders you to travel there immediately and report back to him in three days.
When you return after three days, you bring the King's order to begin harvesting the vines.

> You shout "Oops, I accidentally put some wax in the wine!"

You rush out of the room before anyone notices your mistake.
In the end, the old man was dead and the young one had gone missing. In the weeks following, you have heard no word of either.

> You notice the young man that has disappeared sabotaged the King's wine.

One night, you hear screams coming from the palace. It seems that the old man's son has returned and he is now killing everyone who tried to stop him. You sneak into the palace and find the prince in his bedchamber.

> You wake the prince and warn him of the sabotage.

He refuses to believe you until you show him the evidence. Once he sees it, he runs to his father's room. You follow him.
The king is sitting on his deathbed, surrounded by guards.

Drunk Tony, the court jester, enters and says, "I'm here to save the day!"

"Get out," the king replies.
"I'll do my best!" Drunks Tony leaves, muttering to himself.
The prince bursts into the room and says, "Father!
 We are under attack by a sinister foe!"

"It's true," you say. "We found the evidence of their plot."
The prince looks at you and says, "What?"
"They planted poison in the wine!" You shout.

You all look back at Tony expecting him to die from the poison, but Tony had performed his famous "drinking wax" routine during dinner. Invaders burst into the room with daggers drawn. Tony gets so nervous he vomits poison wine onto the Invaders.
 They fall over dead.
The prince turns to you and says, "How did you know?"
You reply, "The wine tasted odd when we first sampled it. Then, the wine maker told us that someone had put wax in the bottles."

> You vomit a little bit of blood when you realize that you sampled the poisoned wine.

The prince asks if you suspect anyone and you say, "Yes, the wine maker, but I don't know why he would want to kill the king."
The prince asks, "Who is the wine maker?"

> You hand the prince a drawn picture of the young man, however you are terrible at drawing.

You draw a crude sketch of the wine maker and say, "His name is Øystein. He used to work for the King's family, but he was fired for being drunk on the job.
> You find Øystein and
 ask him about the wine.
Øystein, a small man with thin hair and a large nose, looks up at you. "Why should I care? I've got nothing to hide!"

> You force Øystein to drink the wine.

He drinks the wine and falls over dead.
The prince says, "That settles it. He must be behind this."
You say, "But how could he have done this without getting caught?"

The prince hands you 3000000 bits gifted by KyrilGrey.
 "Take these and buy yourself a new ship. You'll need it to sail to England."
You look down at the money and say, "You're giving me this much just because I saved your life?"