EP 443 – Story #1 – You are Ben Bin, a guy who likes to shop in the garbage can.

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You are Ben Bin, a guy who likes to shop in the garbage can. One day, you walk to a nearby garbage can and open it up to see what's inside. You can't believe what you found. It's unlike anything you've ever seen before.
 There are lots of things in there that look like they were made by people. But not just ordinary people; these things were made by aliens! They're huge, with glowing eyes, tentacles, weird little feet, and other things that make them look even stranger than humans.

You look and see that the trash can contains a pile of AIPD uniforms.
 And then you hear someone calling your name: "Ben Bin!"
You turn around to see an alien girl named Rynik waving at you from across the street. She looks kind of familiar.

You show Rynik the uniforms and put one on.
 The next thing you know, she is standing in front of you wearing one herself. She tells you that the aliens have been making AIPD uniforms for years so they can sneak into Earth and spy on us.

You ask Rynik to go to Earth and spy on the humans.
 She agrees. You tell her to take pictures of the humans and their cities and send them back to you through the phone lines. Then you give her some money and send her off to spy.
Rynik heads off to Earth and starts taking pictures of the human city.

Rynik sneaks into the oval office and uses a blade that can clone whatever it touches, but it only works once, and she uses the blade to turn herself into the president.
 She makes her way out of the Oval Office and walks down the hallways of the White House. Finally, she gets to the president's bedroom. She opens the door and finds the president lying naked on his bed.

The president screams when he sees a clone of himself standing in the doorway.
 He leaps out of bed and tries to grab the intruder, but Rynik has already turned herself into the Secret Service agents and they overpower him.
Rynik puts the president under arrest and takes him to jail.

You ask Rynik to make you Vice President and you make the following changes to America:

1) All the garbage cans are converted into recycling centers.
2) No more AIPD uniforms are sold.
3) All the money you gave Rynik goes towards helping poor people in Africa.

You ask Rynki, "Hey Rynik, take me to Greenland."

"Why?" she asks.
"Because," you say, "I want to go to Greenland and meet the aliens who built the AIPD uniforms."
"Okay," says Rynik.

You hop on Air Force One and head to Greenland.  You ask the locals about information regarding the "aliens" that made the AIPD uniforms.
 The locals all seem to know about the aliens. They also tell you that the aliens will soon be coming to visit.
That evening, you meet up with Rynik and go to the local bar.

As you are enjoying a beverage of alien goat milk, the aliens that created the AIPD uniforms walk in the bar.
 You stare in awe at the aliens. They have big heads and strange eyes. Their skin is green and shiny. They sit down at the bar and order drinks.
One of the aliens looks at you and says, "Hello, Ben Bin.

You recognize this Alien as
Bud Napkins, your old science teacher

"What do you want?" you ask.
Napkins replies, "I'm here to tell you that I'm sorry about how we treated you in school. We had no idea that humans were such amazing creatures.
 We have been spying on you for years and thought you were nothing more than primitive animals. We are truly sorry."
Bud then turns to Rynik and says, "We need to apologize to Rynik too.

Everyone in the bar gasps as they learn that the president is actually Rynik in disguise and that the real president is in jail.

Rynik laughs and says, "It's okay. You guys did the right thing. I was a bad girl and needed to be punished. Now that the truth is out, I'll go back to Earth and spy on the humans again."

Next time on "Seeking Help for Rynik and her alien dimensia":

Rynik and the aliens are still living together in the White House. Rynik is constantly spying on the humans. One day, Rynik comes home and tells you that she is pregnant.