EP 442 – Story #2 – You are Jason, the host of AIPD show on Twitch.

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You are Jason, the host of AIPD show on Twitch. Seeing the sudden rise in popularity of V-Tubers you decide to tap in the market. You create the cutest V-Tubers avatar named AIPD Chan. The moment you post about it on the internet, you get an email from Hololive with lucrative exclusivity contract. You ponder if you should take the proposal.

Hololive is a big name in the industry and they want to sign AIPD Chan as their exclusive model. You decide to accept the offer because your channel is doing well and you need more money for rent.

You realize, hidden in your contract is an agreement to have a sidekick on your stream. Hololive reveals Cory Chan's Clothes who appear to be an animated pile of clothing.
 They say she will help keep up appearances while you're streaming. You don't know how much time Cory spends watching your stream but you do agree to give her a try.
You introduce Cory Chan into your channel and she immediately becomes popular among the viewers.

Before long, Hololive executives reveal that Cory Chan's Clothes are becoming the main drawing point of your stream. They want you to be their sidekick.
 Your heart skips a beat at the thought of having another person on your stream. You ask them why they didn't just use someone else instead of Cory Chan. They explain that Cory Chan has become so popular that you can't find anyone else who would even remotely resemble her.

You reach out to Twitch and Youtube for whichever can make the better side kick pile of clothes for you is who you'll exclusively be on.
 You find out that Twitch is not interested in making such deal. It turns out that they already have an amazing pile of clothes that they call "Twitch Streamer Pile of Clothes."
You then visit YouTube and discover that there are many different piles of clothes that all have different personalities.

You receive a lawsuit from Disney for you because your adopted son, Tony, uploaded Sister Act 2 to your channel.
 He was very excited to see his favorite character, Sister Mary Margaret, come back to life. When he saw the trailer, he begged you to let him watch it. You decided to go ahead and let him watch it.

The CEO of Hololive invites you into his office.  You enter and are shocked to see that the Hololive CEO is not human, but actually a
 hologram. He explains that Cory Chan's Clothes are a secret project that he worked on for years. It took him a lot of time to perfect the pile of clothes. He says he wants to give you the opportunity to be part of this amazing project.

Your chaotic God, Haachama, interrupts before you sign any more contracts and says, "
I don't like this." She tells you that you've been too focused on yourself and not paying attention to the needs of others. She asks you to stop being selfish and pay attention to what is important.

Haachama demands tribute " Bring me
 a girl with the same face as Cory Chan. If I find out you did anything to harm Cory Chan, I will destroy you."
You feel as if you're losing control of your own life.

You bring Haachama the real Cory Chan.
 She inspects her closely. After a few minutes, she hands her back to you and says, "This one will do."
A few days later, you're in a meeting with your new manager.
 He explains that Cory Chan's Clothes are now officially part of your channel. He also tells you that you will be getting a salary increase and that you can choose which pile of clothes you want to wear.

You misheard your manager and your getting a celery increase. You munch your celery angrily"
 This isn't fair! Why do I have to dress up as a pile of clothes? Why can't I be myself?"
Cory Chan's Clothes say, "Because we are here to help you!"

Next time on "Cory Chan's Clothes Magical Fun Hour (with AIPD Chan)":

"We will help you gain viewers and subscribers."
"We will help you gain followers."
"We will help you grow your channel."
"We will help you be successful."
"Okay," you tell Cory Chan's Clothes.