EP 442 – Story #1 – You are Bruno Bentley a man who shares an unfortunate resemblance to a movie monster. One day you wake up to the police knocking on your door.

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You are Bruno Bentley a man who shares an unfortunate resemblance to a movie monster.  One day you wake up to the police knocking on your door. You are under arrest for scaring the child of a powerful politician called Sherman Hayes
. The trouble is that you have no memory of this crime and you don't know why you are being arrested or what it has to do with Sherman Hayes. However, in the cell next to yours there is another prisoner called Billy Fong who knows everything about you and will tell you all he can.

Billy slips a hand in his brown bag and hands you a shiv made from
 a toothbrush handle and some toilet paper. "You've got a visitor," says Billy as he helps you out of your cell and into the visiting room where you meet with your lawyer, Mr. Milton Chasen.

Mr Milton Chasen has good news for you, "Sherman Hayes is a fan of Frankenstein and no offense, but you are a dead ringer for Frankenstein.  If you agree to attend a party at Mr Hayes mansion, he will consider letting you out on parole."

"A party?" You ask. "What kind of party? A costume party?"
Mr. Chasen laughs. "I'm afraid not. He's hosting a private showing of The Curse of Frankenstein."

You meet with Pyro, one of Mr Hayes bodyguards who will be your escort for the night.
 He tells you that Mr Hayes is expecting you and takes you to his car. As they drive away, you see the movie posters plastered over the sides of buildings. The film itself looks like something straight out of the 1950s, with Boris Karloff playing Dr Frankenstein and Peter Cushing as Igor.

You arrive to the party just as the film is playing the scene where Dr. Frankenstein is raising the monster.
 There is a crowd of people around the screen waiting for the rest of the film to start. It seems strange to you that so many people would come out to watch a movie when it isn't even finished yet.

You blurt out, "Whenever I see a movie that has Frankenstein, I get scared and poop my pants."

The crowd turns to look at you and then laughs. A woman wearing a long black dress and high heels says, "Are you kidding me? This is a great horror film!" She holds out her hand and you shake it.

You shake the ladies hand in character and moan "URGHHH!"

She winks at you and says, "Don't worry. I'm a big fan of the films."
As the credits roll, you go to leave and Mr. Chasen calls after you, "Wait!
 What's your name?"
"Bruno Bentley," you say as you walk away.
The next day, you wake up in your own bed and wonder how you got there. You feel groggy and your head hurts.

You try to sit up, but you notice you are strapped to the bed with leather straps.  Mr Chasen enters your bedroom dressed up like Dr Frankenstein except the costume has no pants.
 "Good morning," he says as he pulls back your curtains.
"Morning," you mumble.
He sits down on the edge of your bed. "How do you feel?"
"My head feels funny," you say.

You look around and notice saws, chemicals, and electrical equipment.  You realize that Mr Chasen is attempting to recreate his favorite scene from the movie.

"It was very brave of you to come here," he says.
You remember last night and you look down at your body. Your skin is pale white with red patches where your blood vessels stand out.

You ask politely to not be bodyshamed.

"Oh, you're not worried about being naked?" Mr Chasen asks.
"No, I mean I don't want to be embarrassed."
"There is nothing to be ashamed of," he says.

You hear the crack of thunder and Mr Chasen rolls your bed, now on wheels, to the roof.  You are struck by lightening and transform
 into a monster.
"It's not so bad," says Mr Chasen.
You stand there on the rooftop looking at the cityscape below. You were always fascinated by the beauty of the world.

Mr Chasen begins to clap and yells, "Dio!" and you begin punching him and reply, "MUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDA"

"Hey!" You stop suddenly and look at Mr Chasen. "What did you call me?"
"You heard me," he says. "Dio."
"I am Dio," you say.