EP 441 – Story #1 – You are Wruce bayne, a Billionaire living in Cothham Gity.

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You are Wruce bayne, a Billionaire living in Cothham Gity. You have a secret, you and your Sidekick Gick Rrayson, go by the superhero names Ratman and Bobin. Your Bulter Plfred aennyworth, helps you out from your Secret Hideout in the Ratcave under your Bayne Manor.

I know who I am! I'm Bobin, and this is my sidekick Gick Rrayson. I'm a Billionaire! My name's Wruce bayne, but you can call me Ratman.

You get a call the Cothham Gity police force, Senor Cold has taken a bank hostage.
 He's threatening to kill the hostages if he doesn't get his way. The cops need help. They're gonna use you as bait. But they want you to keep it secret.
Ratman and Bobin must rescue the hostages, but we don't know where the bank is.

You demand over the radio from the Cothham Gity police "Where is the bank!?"

The cop on the other end tells you that the bank is at a new housing development called Dormitory Acres. It's located off of Stokes Road.
Ratman and Bobin set off for Dormitory Acres.

You know this is the rich part of town, so to disguise yourself you put on Jason from AIPD's stylish clothes.
 You also wear a mask, with a long nose and a pointy chin.
Ratman and Bobin arrive at the housing development. They enter through an unlocked gate and head towards the back.

You yell, "I'm not Ratman anymore. Call me Raul Wa-wul and always say both names."

"What?" asks Ratman.
You respond, "Just do it. Now!"
Ratman nods and says, "Raul Wa-wul and Bobin. We're here to save the hostages."

The bank robbers immediately see through your disguise and begin firing their weapons.
 Ratman runs to the front of the building while Bobin tries to make it inside.
"Get outta my way," shouts Bobin.
A robber blocks his path, and he throws a punch.

You follow behind Bobin and enter the bank to see the lead bank robber with the manager of the bank held at gunpoint.  The gang leader says, "Leave now or the fat man gets it!"

Bobin punches the robber in the face, knocking him unconscious.
"Hey, that was my line!" complains the manager.
"Sorry," replies Bobin.
The manager turns to you and says, "Who are you?

You see the bank vault filled with Golden Butter bars all owned by Jason, the AIPD chief.
 You've been planning this robbery for weeks.
"That's right," you reply. "And you're going to give us the keys."
"I'll give you the keys if you let me live."

 You enter the vault and see goons shoving butter into bags labeled:
 'Greed', 'Buttocks', 'Anger' and 'Lust'.
"How dare you steal from the people!" exclaims the manager.
You grab him by the neck and say, "I didn't think you'd be so greedy."

You manage to get away with all the butter and make it to the all you can eat crabfest down at Red Lobster's.  The waitress asks if you need any butter and you say, "I've brought my own."

You then go back to the bank and find a few of the robbers waiting for you.
"Give us our money," demands one of them.
You say, "No, you gave me yours.

you slam a solid gold butter bar onto the table and say "Here's your payment."

They look at each other, confused. One of them says, "We're not getting paid until we get the rest of the butter."
You laugh and reply, "I don't care what you do with the butter.

Next time on "The Thrilling Adventures of Ratman and Bobin":

Ratman and Bobin discover the secret hideout of the evil mastermind Senor Cold. Ratman uses his super strength to break down the door and rescue the hostages.
You are Wruce bayne, a Billionaire living in Cothham Gity.