EP 440 – Story #1 – You are Tripper, a guy who is going rock climbing for the first time with your friend Zach.

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You are Tripper, a guy who is going rock climbing for the first time with your friend Zach. After a few minutes of climbing, you start getting nervous. You're so scared that you don't notice your pants slipping off your body and landing on Zach's head. Zach tries to get your pants off his head, but he accidentally takes his rope off and starts falling down the mountain.

"What the hell!" You scream as you try to grab onto him.
Zach manages to grab onto one of the trees at the base of the cliff and holds on tight. You see him hanging there in the tree, still holding on to your pants.

You tell Zach, "Thanks for saving my pants, but you almost died!  But they are nice pants and I thank you!"

After several minutes of being suspended from the tree, Zach finally lets go. He falls into a bush and is knocked unconscious. As he lays there in the bush, blood seeps out of his mouth and nose.

You descend down the mountain and rush to Zach's aid.
 His eyes flicker open as you come running up to him. You take his hand and help him sit up.
"Are you okay?" You ask him.
"Yeah," he says between coughs.

You notice Zach's femur bone is sticking out and he requires immediate medical attention.  You radio for a helicopter to come air lift Zach off the mountain.

"We need to find a way off this mountain before the weather gets any worse." The pilot informs you over the radio.
As you and Zach stand there waiting for the chopper, a man approaches you.

You can't believe your eyes!  It is General Kenobi, a famous mountain climber long thought to be frozen to death on the mountain, and he is walking towards you!

"General Kenobi!" You gasp.
"Tripper, what are you doing here?" He asks.
"I'm here because I was worried about my friend. He fell off a cliff and hurt himself."

General Kenobi looks very wild.  You can tell that you and Zach are the first people he has seen in a long time because General Kenobi
 hasn't shaved in weeks and he is wearing dirty clothes.
"Can you help us? We need to get off this mountain before it storms again." You plead with him.
General Kenobi sighs and looks around.

General Kenobi finds your pants lying on the ground and puts them on.  You try to say something, but don't have the heart to tell him.
 Instead, you just smile at him.
"Come on," he says to you.
The two of you climb aboard the helicopter and are lifted off the mountain. As the helicopter flies away, you look back at the mountain.

You always wonder why General Kenobi stayed behind and why he would not come back even when the chopper showed up.
 You never really had the chance to talk to him and now you will probably never get the chance.
You go home and Zach wakes up later that night. He seems to be in good spirits and he tells you how amazing the trip was.

You can't sleep and you put on a fresh pair of pants are return to the mountain.  You find General Kenobi eating a dead bird and accuse him of being a lizard person.

"Why did you stay behind if you didn't want to die?" You ask him.
"I'm sorry I wasn't able to save you," he replies.
"But you saved my pants!
 That's pretty cool." You pat him on the shoulder.
General Kenobi smiles and says, "You know I've been looking for someone like you."
You're confused by what he means.

"You care about others and you don't let anything get in the way of helping them. You are strong and kind and you make me proud to be your father."
You're stunned.

You are shocked to learn that General Kenobi is your father!  Your shock quickly turns to anger knowing that General Kenobi would rather hang out on a mountain alone than be a good father.

"I hate you!" You shout at him.
General Kenobi stands up and grabs you by the throat.
"I will kill you if you ever speak ill of me again!" He snarls.

You have a fist fight with General Kenobi.
 You punch him in the face and knock him out cold. You leave him on the mountain and walk home.
When you arrive home, you find your parents and your friends all sitting in the living room.

Your step dad Carl tells you that there is a breaking news story: General Kenobi's body was found eaten by wolves!

You and your family go to the funeral and you see General Kenobi's wife. She cries and tries to apologize for her husband.
"He was so young and so full of life," she whispers.

You tell his wife that General Kenobi was your biological father.
 She gasps and looks at you with tears in her eyes.
"I'm sorry," she says.
You tell her you are happy that she knows and that you forgive her for what happened.