EP 438 – Story #1 – You are Bob Cluas, Santa’s Oldest son.

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You are Bob Cluas, Santa's Oldest son. Everyone knows you don't have any talent for making toys and you haven't got your magical powers yet, so you decide to go to Las Vegas and meet Penn and Teller to master magic and than hopefully learn how to fly Santa's sleigh.
 The problem is that you're only twelve years old and the tickets are $1000 each! So you ask your dad for help. He tells you he'll loan you the money but it will take a week to get here from his home in Chicago.

You lament the cost of the tickets to your friend Jason who gives you a happy non-birthday cake which grants you a Anti-wish.  You flamethrower the cake and make your anti-wish:
 "I wish I could go to Vegas without having to pay for my own ticket."
And you do just that.
It's a good thing too because you've been working on your levitation skills at home and now you can fly around the room with ease.

You arrive in Las Vegas and at the show you immediately begin flying around the rooming and showing off your levitation skills.
 At first no one seems impressed, until you start doing tricks like shooting fireballs out of your hands. This is when the crowd goes wild! They love you and soon you're signed up for a few shows before heading over to the Mirage Hotel where Penn and Teller are performing.
 You join the audience and watch them perform their magic act. Afterward they come over and introduce themselves and invite you backstage to see their studio.
Once there, they explain that they are not actually magicians but rather illusionists.

Once backstage, your enter their green room to find out that they are actually Kal Penn & Miles Teller.
 They then tell you about their new movie, A Star Is Born. It's about an actor named Jackson Maine (played by Bradley Cooper) who falls in love with a singer named Ally McBeal played by Lady Gaga.

You beg Penn & Teller to teach your how to give the illusion that you know how to fly Santa's sleigh.
 They agree and after some coaching you are able to successfully pull off the illusion. 
You return home to Chicago and visit your dad to tell him the good news. He is ecstatic that you have learned how to fly Santa's sleigh and he invites you back to his house for dinner.

You share a couple Chicago hot dogs with Santa. He gets mustard all over beard.

After dinner, you say goodbye to your dad and head home. You go straight to bed and dream of being in Vegas and learning how to fly the sleigh. You wake up with your hair standing on end.

You wake up and you realize you fell asleep flying the sleigh are are currently upside down and narrowly avoiding hitting sky scrapers in Downtown Chicago.

You quickly right yourself and land the sleigh on the roof of your building. You look around and realize you're still wearing your Santa costume. You take it off and toss it into your closet.

You realize you are on every major new station in the world and Santa punishes you by
 telling you he will be taking away your Internet privileges for a month.
You turn on the TV and see that Lady Gaga has won her Oscar. She is singing her song "Til It Happens For You" and she looks amazing.

You share a couple chicago hot dogs with santa. He gets mustard all over beard.
on the next episode of Can you fool Bob Cluas.
 Penn and Teller are going to try and trick you into thinking they're not magicians.
you're in Las Vegas again and this time you're really trying to master the art of levitation.